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Studies on the Seed Fat Composition of Moringaceae family
The component fatty acids of the seed fats of Moringa pterygosperma and Moringa concanensis have been investigated by using the techniques of urea-adduct segregation and quantitative paper
Soil-less culture in modern agriculture
With the advent of civilization, open field/soil-based agriculture is facing some major challenges; most importantly decrease in per capita land availability. In 1960 with 3 billion population over
Chemical investigation of the seed fat of Celastrus paniculatus
The fatty acid composition of the seed fat of Celastrus paniculatus was determined by spectrophotometry, urea adduct formation and quantitative paper chromatography. The percentages of individual
Triglyceride composition ofSapindus mukorossi seed oil
The fatty acid composition of Sapindus mukorossi seed oil was determined by spectrophotometry, urea complexation, and gas liquid chromatography (GLC) to find its content of 26.3 and 26.7% triolein and eicoseno-di-oleins, respectively.
Triglyceride composition of tea seed oil
Fatty acid and triglyceride compositions of the seed oil of Thea sinensis (tea seed oil) of Indian origin have been determined by combination of techniques of low temperature crystallisation,
Performance of Short Duration Groundnut ( Arachis hypogaea L.) Variety (TG 51) as Influenced by Nutrient Management Strategy under New Alluvial Zone of West Bengal
Results revealed that, application of 100 % RDF + 7.5 t/ha FYM as basal increased growth and yield attributes that led to significantly higher productivity and enrichment of soil available nutrients after harvest of the crop.
Evaluation of post emergence herbicides on summer groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in new alluvial zone of West Bengal
Pre-emergence application of pendimethalin as a pre emergence, suppresses the weed growth at early stage of the crop as a result of better crop stand and practices of weed control by chemical and /or mechanical gave the significantly better pod yield of groundnut as compared to un-weeded control.
Growth and yield of summer groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) as influenced by foliar application of water soluble fertilizer
The field experiment was undertaken at the District Seed Farm, Kalyani at Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Nadia, West Bengal during summer season of 2012 and 2013 to study the growth and yield
Efficacy of new herbicide molecule imazethapyr on weed control in soybean.
Study revealed that imazethapyr@ 1500ml ha·' can effectively control the weeds of soybean such as grasses, sedges a11d broadleaved weeds as post emerge11ce spray at seven days after sowing of soy bean.
Chemical Investigations on Celastrus paniculatus Seed Oil I
Fatty acid compositions of four lipid fractions of Celastrus paniculatus seed namely normal triglycerides (20.2%), polar triglycerides (44.4%), polar nonglyceridic ester (23.5%), and nonpolar