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F-theory and orientifolds
By analyzing F-theory on K3 near the orbifold limit of K3 we establish the equivalence between F-theory on K3 and an orientifold of type IIB on T2, which in turn is related by a T-dualityExpand
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Universality of the tachyon potential
Using string field theory, we argue that the tachyon potential on a D-brane in bosonic string theory in arbitrary background has a universal form, independent of the boundary conformal field theoryExpand
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Tachyon Dynamics in Open String Theory
In this review we describe our current understanding of the properties of open string tachyons on an unstable D-brane or brane–antibrane system in string theory. The various string theoretic methodsExpand
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Black hole entropy function and the attractor mechanism in higher derivative gravity
We study extremal black hole solutions in D dimensions with near horizon geometry AdS2 ? SD?2 in higher derivative gravity coupled to other scalar, vector and anti-symmetric tensor fields. We defineExpand
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Classical solutions in string field theory around the tachyon vacuum
In a previous paper [hep-th/0012251] we proposed a simple class of actions for string field theory around the tachyon vacuum. In this paper we search for classical solutions describing D-branes ofExpand
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Non-BPS States and Branes in String Theory
We review the recent developments in our understanding of non-BPS states and branes in string theory. The topics include 1) construction of unstable non-BPS D-branes in type IIA and type IIB stringExpand
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Orientifold limit of F -theory vacua
We show how an F theory compactified on a Calabi-Yau (n+1)-fold in an appropriate weak coupling limit reduces formally to an orientifold of type IIB theory compactified on an auxiliary complexExpand
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Tachyon Matter
It is shown that classical decay of unstable D-branes in bosonic and superstring theories produces pressureless gas with non-zero energy density. The energy density is stored in the open stringExpand
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Stable non-BPS bound states of BPS D-branes
S-duality symmetry of type IIB string theory predicts the existence of a stable non-BPS state on an orbifold five plane of the type IIB theory if the orbifold group is generated by the simultaneousExpand
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D0-branes on $T^n$ and matrix theory
  • A. Sen
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  • 30 September 1997
The Hamiltonian describing Matrix theory on T^n is identified with the Hamiltonian describing the dynamics of D0-branes on T^n in an appropriate weak coupling limit for all n up to 5. New subtletiesExpand
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