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Review on soft polyurethane flame retardant
Abstract The present review summarizes the research work of flame retardant coatings on polyurethane flexible foam in particular, this review highlights the different type of flame retardant andExpand
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Diffraction characteristics of the PDLC photonic structures under the influence of alternating electric fields
The effect control voltage polarity has on the diffraction characteristics of photonic structures formed in polymer dispersed liquid crystals (PDLCs) is discussed. The possibility of controllingExpand
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Model of the formation of holographic polarization gratings in PDLC taking into account light-induced absorption changes and strong surface adhesion
Abstract In this paper, an analytical model of the formation of holographic polarization gratings (HPGs) in PDLCs that accounts for light-induced changes in absorption coefficient and the strongExpand
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Formation and readout of holographic amplitude and phase non-uniform polarization gratings in polymer-stabilized liquid crystals
In this work is we have developed the analytical models of holographic formation of polarization grating in polymerdispersed liquid crystals (PSLCs) by non-uniform recording field and its subsequentExpand
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Three-Dimensional Model of Holographic Formation of Inhomogeneous PPLC Diffraction Structures
A three-dimensional theoretical model of holographic formation of inhomogeneous diffraction structures in composite photopolymer - liquid crystal materials is presented considering both theExpand
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Multibeam Holographic Formation of the Polarization Photonic Structures in Polymer-dispersed Liquid Crystals
Abstract The theoretical model of multibeam holographic formation of inhomogeneous polarization photonic structures in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals (PDLC) is developed in this work. According toExpand
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Holographic Formation of Non-uniform Diffraction Structures by Arbitrary Polarized Recording Beams in Liquid Crystal-photopolymer Compositions
In this work, the theoretical model of non-uniform diffraction structures’ holographic formation in liquid crystal-photopolymer (LC-PPM) composite materials with a dye-sensitizer is developed. TheExpand
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Holographic Formation of Diffraction Elements for Transformation of Light Beams in Liquid Crystal – Photopolymer Compositions
A theoretical model of holographic formation of diffractive optical elements for transformation of light beam field into Bessel-like fields in liquid crystal – photopolymer (LC–PPM) compositeExpand
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The PDLC photonic structures diffraction characteristics managing by the spatially non-uniform electric field
We develop an analytical model of light beams diffraction on the holographic photonic PDLC structures under the influence of a spatially non-uniform electric field. We propose an additional way toExpand
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Modelling of Holographic Formation of Diffraction Structures in Photopolymerizable Compositions
Abstract In this work the theoretical model of holographic recording of one-dimensional transmission diffraction structures in photopolymerizable compositions is developed. This model is taking in toExpand
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