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Banks and Innovation: Microeconometric Evidence on Italian Firms
In this paper we investigate the effect of local banking development on firms' innovative activities, using a rich data set on innovation for a large number of Italian firms over the 1990's. There isExpand
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Productivity, innovation and R&D: Micro evidence for Italy
Abstract By exploiting a rich firm level data-base, this paper presents novel empirical evidence on the effect of process and product innovations on productivity, as well as on the role played by R&DExpand
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Foreign Ownership and Productivity: Is the Direction of Causality so Obvious?
The purpose of this paper is to estimate the effect of foreign ownership on productivity under reasonable identification assumptions. In particular we estimate dynamic Cobb-Douglas productionExpand
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Market power, productivity and the EU Single Market Program: Evidence from a panel of Italian firms
Abstract This paper provides empirical evidence on the impact the EU Single Market Program has exerted on market power and total factor productivity in a large sample of Italian firms. Both marketExpand
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Entrepreneurship, Firm Entry, and the Taxation of Corporate Income: Evidence from Europe
Can tax policy foster the creation of new companies? To answer this question, we assemble a novel country-industry level panel database with data on entry (by incorporation) for 17 European countriesExpand
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Public Policy and the Creation of Active Venture Capital Markets
We study how public policy can contribute to increase the share of early stage and high-tech venture capital investments, thus helping the development of active venture capital markets. A simpleExpand
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Are multinationality and diversification complementary or substitute strategies?: An empirical analysis on European leading firms
Abstract This paper models the multinationality and diversification of firms jointly. It applies a new typology, distinguishing diversification at home and abroad (multinationality inExpand
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Research Joint Ventures and Firm Level Performance
In this paper we test whether participation in EU sponsored Research Joint Ventures (RJVs) has a positive impact on participating firms' performance. We apply our statistical methodology to RJVsExpand
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Productivity, Innovation Creation and Absorption, and R&D: Micro Evidence for Italy
By exploiting a rich firm level database, this paper presents novel empirical evidence on the impact that the introduction of process and product innovations exerts on productivity, as well as on theExpand
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A reply to Douglas Cumming's Review Essay: ‘Public policy and the creation of active venture capital markets’
In Da Rin, Nicodano, and Sembenelli (2006) we evaluate the effectiveness of different public policies for venture capital using an econometric approach that allows to overcome several well-knownExpand
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