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A systematic literature review of software requirements prioritization research
Context: During requirements engineering, prioritization is performed to grade or rank requirements in their order of importance and subsequent implementation releases. It is a major step taken inExpand
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Water Feature Extraction and Change Detection Using Multitemporal Landsat Imagery
Abstract: Lake Urmia is the 20th largest lake and the second largest hyper saline lake (before September 2010) in the world. It is also the largest inland body of salt water in the Middle East.Expand
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Web page feature selection and classification using neural networks
Automatic categorization is the only viable method to deal with the scaling problem of the World Wide Web (WWW). In this paper, we propose a news web page classification method (WPCM). The WPCM usesExpand
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Improved email spam detection model with negative selection algorithm and particle swarm optimization
The adaptive nature of unsolicited email by the use of huge mailing tools prompts the need for spam detection. Implementation of different spam detection methods based on machine learning techniquesExpand
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Breast Cancer Detection Using Infrared Thermal Imaging and a Deep Learning Model
Women’s breasts are susceptible to developing cancer; this is supported by a recent study from 2016 showing that 2.8 million women worldwide had already been diagnosed with breast cancer that year.Expand
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A combined negative selection algorithm-particle swarm optimization for an email spam detection system
Abstract Email is a convenient means of communication throughout the entire world today. The increased popularity of email spam in both text and images requires a real-time protection mechanism forExpand
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Hybrid email spam detection model with negative selection algorithm and differential evolution
Email spam is an increasing problem that not only affects normal users of internet but also causes a major problem for companies and organizations. Earlier techniques have been impaired by theExpand
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Analysis on the performance of mobile agents for query retrieval
The factors that affect the performance of mobile agents in retrieving information from the Internet are the number of agents and the total of routing time taken by the participated agents toExpand
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Adaptive feature selection for denial of services (DoS) attack
Adaptive detection is the learning ability to detect any changes in patterns in intrusion detection systems. In this paper, we propose combining two techniques in feature selection algorithm, namelyExpand
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Plagiarism Detection through Internet using Hybrid Artificial Neural Network and Support Vectors Machine
Currently, most of the plagiarism detections are using similarity measurement techniques. Basically, a pair of similar sentences describes the same idea. However, not all like that, there are alsoExpand
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