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Trace Fossil Analysis
Vertebrate Tracks.- Arthropod Trackways.- Trilobite Burrows.- Arthropod Tunnel Systems.- Resting Traces.- Burrows of Short Bulldozers.- Burrows of Wormlike Bulldozers.- Burrows of Stripminers.-
Biomat-related lifestyles in the Precambrian
The strange biota of Neoproterozoic sea bottoms become more understandable if we assume that otherwise soft sediments were sealed by firm and erosion-resistant biomats. This allowed "mat encrusters"
Vendobionta and Psammocorallia: lost constructions of Precambrian evolution
  • A. Seilacher
  • Geology
    Journal of the Geological Society
  • 1 July 1992
The non-availability of biomineralized skeletons and low levels of predation led Vendian evolution along strange avenues. The Ediacara-type Vendobionta appear to represent a kingdom, in which foliate
Vendozoa: Organismic construction in the Proterozoic biosphere
Seilacher, Adolf 1989 07 15: Vendozoa: Organismic construction in the Proterozoic biosphere. Lethaia, Vol. 22. pp. 229–239. Oslo. ISSN 0024–1164. Ediacara-type impressions of large, but flat and
Sedimentological, ecological and temporal patterns of fossil Lagerstätten
A more pragmatic, typological classification of conservation deposits, using a standard questionnaire, reveals ecological replacements, as well as trends related to the evolution of the biosphere, through geological time.
Ediacaran biota: The dawn of animal life in the shadow of giant protists
Abstract Functional, constructional, and preservational criteria led to a reinterpretation of seemingly complex trace fossils and the majority of assumed metazoan body fossils from Vendian
SUMMARY Fault grading is expressed by a regular structural sequence of (from top) liquified zone, rubble zone and step-faulted zone, with gradational contacts between these zones and the bottom,