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Molecular characterization of a new tymovirus from Diascia ornamental plants
Two tymoviruses were identified in plants of Diascia × hybrida ‘Sun Chimes™ Coral’ that exhibited chlorotic mottling and reduced growth and sequence analysis revealed the presence of a new tymvirus, and the entire genomic sequence of this virus was determined.
African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis stenocarpa) Nodulates Promiscuously with Rhizobium Indigenous to Soils of Botswana
It is revealed that African Yam Bean is adaptable to a wide variety of environments and could be successfully grown in Botswana without expensive inputs such as inorganic fertilizers.
Assessing the effectiveness of locally available fungicides in managing Cercospora leaf spot of Swiss chard under field conditions in Botswana
It is confirmed that when Benomyl is alternated with Copper oxychloride, it is much more effective in managing Cercospora Leaf spot than Mancozeb or Copper oxy chloride used alone or alternated.
Lantana camara L. and its biocontrol agent, Teleonemia scrupulosa Stål, in Botswana
Lantana camara L. and its biocontrol agent, Teleonemia scrupulosa St al, in Botswana Yoseph Assefa*, Bank Tiroesele, Amogelang Segwagwe and Mogapi E. Madisa Department of Zoology and Entomology,
Incidence and Level of Mistletoe Infestation in Tree Species at Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources' Sebele Content Farm Campus, Botswana
There is a possibility that the mistletoe species co-evolved with the indigenous tree species and the vector may be well established on the host tree species than on exotic species.
Development and application of modern agricultural biotechnology in Botswana: the potentials, opportunities and challenges.
The analysis revealed that the country has the capacity to carry out research in biotechnology in the development and production of genetically modified crops for food and fodder crops and will include gene discovery, genetic transformation and development of systems to comply with the world regulatory framework on biosafety.
Studies on Mukwa (Pterocarpus angolensis, D. C.) Dieback in Chobe Forest Reserves in Botswana
A study was carried out in forest reserves located in Chobe district in Botswana to assess the effect of dieback and associated causes on Mukwa tree, Pterocarpus angolensis Fire, elephant damage and
Analysis of genetic diversity of Cercospora beticola isolates from Swiss chard in Southern Botswana
The results presented herein underscore the importance of assessment of genetic diversity of pathogens which may be important in targeted control and management of plant diseases.