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Assessment of response to therapy in advanced breast cancer.
A system is proposed by the UICC for assessing response to treatment of advanced breast cancers.
Current status of estrogen and progesterone receptors in breast cancer
Breast cancer is often hormone responsive, since growth or regression of tumors can often be modulated by appropriate endocrine manipulations. Estrogen and progesterone appear to be major hormonesExpand
Strain differences in response to estrone and the induction of mammary gland, adrenal, and bladder cancer in rats.
Summary 1.One hundred and seventy-six rats of four different inbred strains survived a minimum of 150 days after the implantation of an estrone pellet weighing 8–12 mg. in the subcutaneous tissues ofExpand
Androgenic therapy for advanced breast cancer in women. A report of the cooperative breast cancer group.
A randomized clinical trial of calusterone and testolactone according to the protocol of the Cooperative Breast Cancer Group (CBCG) produced objective remissions of advanced breast cancer in 28% ofExpand
Inhibition by progesterone of radiation-estrogen-induced mammary cancer in the rat.
The data from this preliminary experiment make it appear that continuous administration of progesterone protects animals from the synergism between estrogen and radiation. However, it also appearsExpand