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Check-list of the Basque coast benthic algae (North of Spain)
An annotated check-list of the marine benthic flora of the Spanish Basque coast, based on literature records and original data, is presented. According to the present taxonomy, the known list ofExpand
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Phytobenthic Intertidal Community Structure Along an Environmental Pollution Gradient
The intertidal vegetation of the “Abra de Bilbao” (Basque coast, N Spain) was studied following a pollution gradient. Under the effect of pollution, several signs of alteration are detected in theExpand
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Lampisiphonia iberica gen. et sp. nov. (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) based on morphology and molecular evidence
Bárbara I., Choi H.-G., Secilla A., Díaz-Tapia P., Gorostiaga J.M., Seo T.-K., Jung M.-Y. and Berecibar E. 2013. Lampisiphonia iberica gen. et sp. nov. (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) based on morphologyExpand
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Adiciones corológicas y correcciones a la flora bentónica marina del norte de la Península Ibérica
1Departamento de Biología Animal, Biología Vegetal y Ecología Facultad de Ciencias Universidad de A Coruña CIIMAR, Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigaçao Marinha e Ambiental. Universidad de OportoExpand
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Fragmenta Chorologica Occidentale
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Antithamnion amphigeneum (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) from the European Atlantic Coasts
For the first time a subtidal population of Antithamnion amphigeneum A. Millar has been found in the Atlantic (Basque coast, northern Spain). Outside of its area of origin (eastern Australia), onlyExpand
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Recovery stages over long-term monitoring of the intertidal vegetation in the ‘Abra de Bilbao’ area and on the adjacent coast (N. Spain)
Few studies have documented the recovery of phytobenthic marine assemblages following the reduction of long-standing sewage discharges. This paper reports on the main changes in intertidal macroalgalExpand
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Ecological monitoring of intertidal phytobenthic communities of the Basque Coast (N. Spain) following the Prestige oil spill
Following the Prestige oil spill, six-monthly samplings (spring and autumn) of intertidal macroalgal assemblages were carried out from 2004 to 2006 in twelve locations along the Basque coast.Expand
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La familia Ceramiaceae 'sensu lato' en la costa de Bizkaia
The family Ceramiaceae (Rhodophyta), is one of the groups of red seaweeds widely represented throughout temperate and subtropical coasts, and this work includes a detailed study of this family on theExpand
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Scageliopsis patens (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta), a new introduced species along the European coast
Scageliopsis patens, precedemment connu du sud de l'Australie et recolte dans les Iles des Acores (Atlantique nord), est rapporte pour la premiere fois le long des cotes europeennes. Cette nouvelleExpand
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