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Quantitative ultrasonography in focal neuropathies as compared to clinical and EMG findings.
Muscle ultrasound can visualize anatomical abnormalities such as muscle atrophy and mesenchymal abnormalities in lesions of nerve roots, plexus, and peripheral nerve lesions. Expand
Clinical, Electromyographic, and Ultrasonographic Assessment of Focal Neuropathies
The study was intended to evaluate the diagnostic value of muscle ultrasonography in the diagnosis of focal neuropathy. Two hundred four patients with possible unilateral injury to nerve roots,Expand
The Carcer in Roman Declamation: Formation and Function of a Topos
Abstract:Prison scenes recur throughout the corpus of Latin declamatory texts (Seneca, Calpurnius Flaccus, Pseudo-Quintilian). After outlining the main features and variants of this topos, thisExpand