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Selecting chemical substances for the UN-ECE POP protocol.
In 1998 the UN-ECE POP Protocol was signed. Sixteen substances are included in the protocol. They can be characterised as persistent, bioaccumulating and toxic organic substances prone to long-rangeExpand
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Intonation in Palenquero
The least understood aspect of Palenquero phonology is its intonational system. This is a serious gap, as it is precisely in the realm of prosody that the most striking phonological differencesExpand
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Word-Order Changes in Predicate Negation Strategies in Romance Languages
SUMMARYThrough the detailed investigation of changes in predicate negation patterns of numerous, often poorly documented informal spoken varieties of Romance vernaculars (including Romance-derivedExpand
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Predicate negation and word-order change: A problem of multiple causation
We propose a new hypothesis to account for word-order change in respect to predicate negation in Indo-European languages. Expand
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Negation in Palenquero: Synchrony
A conspicuous feature of Palenquero (P) morphosyntax is the unusual, though by no means unique, often clause-final or sentence-final placement of the predicate negator nu 'not', e.g., i [NU] kele baeExpand
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Portuguese remnants in the Afro-Hispanic diaspora
During the transatlantic slave trade, several pidgin Portuguese contact varieties originally spoken in sub-Saharan Africa came into contact with New World Spanish. In the Americas, the resultingExpand
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