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The World as Will and Representation
The purpose of the Cambridge Edition of the Works of Schopenhauer is to offer translations of the best modern German editions of Schopenhauer’s work in a uniform format suitable for Schopenhauer
The World As Will And Idea
Gdansk, Poland). 1805 20 April: Suicide (alleged) of his father. 1809–11 Studies in Gottingen. 1811–13 Studies at Berlin University; lectures by Fichte, Wolf, and Schleiermacher. 1813 Writes his
On the Basis of Morality
entirely unsubstantial conceptions, floating in the air equally with ourselves. It is from these, or, more correctly, from the mere form of their connection with judgments made, that a Law is
The Two Fundamental Problems of Ethics
General editor's preface Introduction Notes on the text and translation Chronology The Two Fundamental Problems of Ethics Preface to the first edition Preface to the second edition Prize Essay On the
GENERAL DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION _____________________________________________________________________ Focus on nutritional studies in communally managed livestock in Zimbabwe reflects a need to
The Art of Always Being Right
In discussions and meetings the aim of everyone is to persuade. Yet we know that really the best result is obtained by the person who is most skilled in holding his position. "The Art of Always Being
On the fourfold root of the principle of sufficient reason and on the will in nature
Reprints Schopenhauer's nineteenth-century philosophical treatise on the nature of causation in the physical world.