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Beyond Machiavelli: Tools for Coping with Conflict
Introduction - why this book? look forward with a purpose step into their shoes focus on their choice generate fresh ideas formulate good advice help change the game conclusion - ask a differentExpand
Career Development Institute with Enhanced Mentoring: A Revisit
The longitudinal program of education, training, mentoring, peer support, and communications for individuals making the transition to academic research should increase the number of scientists committed to research careers in mental health. Expand
Likeability v. Competence: The Impossible Choice Faced by Female Politicians, Attenuated by Lawyers
The 2008 election highlighted a dilemma often faced by women in the professional world - a double bind between being perceived as competent or as likeable. Both qualities are imperative for successExpand
Women at the Bargaining Table: Pitfalls and Prospects
Research evidence across a number of disciplines and fields has shown that women can encounter both social and financial backlash when they behave assertively, for example, by asking for resources atExpand
Shattering Negotiation Myths: Empirical Evidence on the Effectiveness of Negotiation Style
This article provides a current look at how lawyers actually negotiate and should serve to shatter the myth that adversarial bargaining is more effective and less risky than problem-solving. The dataExpand
Shaping the Future by Engineering: Proceedings ; 58th IWK, Ilmenau Scientific Colloquium, Technische Universität Ilmenau, 8 - 12 September 2014
Peer review process, carrried out by the members of the International Scientific Committee.
Getting Along: The Evolution of Dispute Resolution Regimes in International Trade Organizations
In the face of the remarkable growth of international organizations in the last fifty years, scholars in multiple disciplines have applied various theories in trying to explain why and how statesExpand
Unfriendly Actions: The Amicus Brief Battle at the WTO
Not Quite a World Without Trials: Why International Dispute Resolution is Increasingly Judicialized
Many scholars have made the argument that the trial is disappearing from use in the American legal system. In response to Marc Galanter's piece, A World without Trials?, this Essay argues that, inExpand