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Media attention for climate change around the world: A comparative analysis of newspaper coverage in 27 countries
Climate change is a global phenomenon, and its outcomes affect societies around the world. So far, however, studies on media representations of climate change have mostly concentrated on WesternExpand
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Epigenetic Temporal Control of Mouse Hox Genes in Vivo
www.sciencemag.org (this information is current as of July 6, 2009 ): The following resources related to this article are available online at http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/full/324/5932/1320Expand
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Self‐assessment: A study of progress in Europe’s leading organizations in quality management practices
Reports a European study on the use of quality management self‐assessment. Data have been obtained from 117 organizations who, in general, have some experiences of self‐assessment methods. Among theExpand
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Data mining and linked open data – New perspectives for data analysis in environmental research
The rapid development in information and computer technology has facilitated an extreme increase in the collection and storage of digital data. However, the associated rapid increase in digital dataExpand
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Knowledge Maturing and the Continuity of Context as a Unifying Concept for Knowledge Management and E-Learning
Although both e-learning and knowledge management are about facilitating learning in organization, the major obstacle to bring both of them together can be traced back to different paradigms ofExpand
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Enabling Learning on Demand in Semantic Work Environments: The Learning in Process Approach
The new flexibility of workers and work environments makes traditional conceptions of training in advance, in rather large units and separate from work activities, more and more obsolete. It is notExpand
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Is There a Medialization of Climate Science? Results From a Survey of German Climate Scientists
The relation between science and the media has recently been termed a medialization of science. The respective literature argues that interaction of scientists with the media and journalists as wellExpand
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Constructions of climate justice in German, Indian and US media
Collective action on climate change is easier when the involved actors share an understanding of climate justice, that is, if they agree on the morally right way of dealing with the issue. SuchExpand
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At the boundaries of peer production: The organization of Internet security production in the cases of Estonia 2007 and Conficker
With the emergence of Internet based communication and collaboration, new forms of production have surfaced that are based on openness and non-proprietary resources. The paper analyses the role ofExpand
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