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Appropriateness of Management Zones for Characterizing Spatial Variability of Soil Properties and Irrigated Corn Yields across Years
zones in agricultural fields (Franzen et al., 2002). This approach has been applied in Illinois and Indiana where Recent precision-agriculture research has focused on use of man40% of grain yieldExpand
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Mutational analysis of conserved sequence motifs in the budding yeast Cdc6 protein.
The Cdc6 protein is required to load a complex of Mcm2-7 family members (the MCM complex) into prereplicative complexes at budding yeast origins of DNA replication. Cdc6p is a member of the AAA(+)Expand
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Appropriateness of management zones for characterizing spatial variability of soil properties and irrigated corn yields across years
Recent precision-agriculture research has focused on use of management zones (MZ) as a method for variable application of inputs like N. The objectives of this study were to determine (i) ifExpand
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The effect of trans-\-farnesene, used as a repellant against landing aphid alatae in seed potato growing
SummaryPeriodical application of trans-\-farnesene, incorporated in polyvinylchloride from which it was slowly and regularly released, did not measurably inhibit the infection of seed-potato-plotsExpand
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Influence of NPK-application to seed-potato crops on the productivity of the progeny
SummaryThe amount of P- and K-application to the seed-potato crop did not show any influence on the chemical composition of the immature harvested tubers, nor on the productivity if used as seed.Expand
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Changes in leaf components and peroxidase activity of potato plants (cv. Bintje) in relation to mature-plant resistance to PVYN
SummaryIt can be of economic importance for seed potato growers to know the stage of mature-plant resistance of a crop to viruses when aphid flights occur. In 1976 four field experiments were carriedExpand
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Coupled heat and vapor transport: The thermostat effect of a freely evaporating land surface
Analytical solutions of the 2-D heat and vapor transport equations for a surface moisture jump are often based on a constant streamwise temperature (Tws) assumption over the wet vegetated surface. ByExpand
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