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Memory, trauma treatment, and the law
The authors critically review memory research, trauma treatment, and legal cases pertaining to the false memory controversy. They discuss current memory science and research with both children andExpand
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Informed Consent and the Standard of Care in the Practice of Clinical Hypnosis
Dr. Lynn (Lynn, 2001) has proposed a new standard of care for the practice of clinical hypnosis based on his particular theoretical position regarding dissociation and hypnosis, as well as on hisExpand
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Recovered Memories: The Current Weight of the Evidence in Science and in the Courts
The authors critically review the main strategies that false-memory proponents have used to challenge the admissibility of testimony regarding recovered abuse memories in the courts: that theExpand
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Repressed Memory or Dissociative Amnesia: What the Science Says
Legal actions of alleged abuse victims based on recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) have been challenged arguing that the concept of repressed memories does not meet a generallyExpand
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Trance on Trial
Written primarily for clinicians who practice hypnotherapy, Trance on Trial offers a comprehensive, authoritative evaluation of the use of hypnosis in the courts, as well as practical strategies forExpand
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The False Litigant Syndrome: “Nobody Would Say That Unless it was the Truth”
1. Introduction Thomas Shay, Jr., stood before the jurors, on trial for conspiracy and for aiding and abetting an attempt to blow up his father's car.I His father had discovered a suspicious blackExpand
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A Comment on an Alleged Association between Hypnosis and Death: Two Remarkable Cases
Abstract Dr. Ewin recently reported his research on two “remarkable” cases where hypnosis performed by a lay hypnotist was allegedly associated with the death of the subject. Commentary is providedExpand
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Hypnosis, memory, and behavior in criminal investigation
Using Hypnosis in the Forensic Setting. Revelations and Practices in Hypnosis. Suggested Guidelines for Practice. Motivation and Manipulation in Hypnosis. Damage and Dreams in Hypnosis. Stress andExpand
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Iatrogenic Dissociative Identity Disorder—An Evaluation of the Scientific Evidence
In recent years there has been a remarkable increase in malpractice suits in which a retractor-plaintiff alleges that a defendant therapist has suggestively implanted a false dissociative identityExpand
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Significant dates in the history of forensic hypnosis.
Important dates in the history of forensic hypnosis are identified and their significance is briefly described. Trends regarding the use of forensic hypnosis are highlighted, as well as criticisms ofExpand
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