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Genetic variation in photosynthetic capacity, carbon isotope discrimination and mesophyll conductance in provenances of Castanea sativa adapted to different environments
1. Provenances of Castanea sativa from populations adapted to different climatic areas of Turkey were grown in a field trial in Italy. Carbon isotope discrimination (Δ) in leaf dry matter and in leafExpand
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The effect of transient and continuous drought on yield, photosynthesis and carbon isotope discrimination in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.).
Stable carbon isotope discrimination (delta13C), photosynthetic performance (A), dry matter accumulation (DW), and sucrose yield (Y(s)) of sugar beet were evaluated in a glasshouse experiment underExpand
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Comparisons of δ13C of photosynthetic products and ecosystem respiratory CO2 and their responses to seasonal climate variability
This study investigated the relationship between δ13C of ecosystem components, soluble plant carbohydrates and the isotopic signature of ecosystem respired CO2 (δ13CR) during seasonal changes in soilExpand
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Carbon isotope discrimination in leaf and stem sugars, water-use efficiency and mesophyll conductance during different developmental stages in rice subjected to drought
Carbon isotope discrimination (Δ), growth analysis, water-use efficiency (WUE) and gas exchange characteristics were studied in rice plants (Oryza sativa L.) subjected to drought during differentExpand
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Carbon and nitrogen winter storage and remobilisation during seasonal flush growth in two-year-old cork oak (Quercus suber L.) saplings
Un double marquage 13 C et 15 N a long terme a ete realise afin d'evaluer la contribution du carbone (C) et de l'azote (N) assimiles durant l'hiver, a la croissance printaniere de chenes-lieges âgesExpand
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Ascophyllum nodosum Seaweed Extract Alleviates Drought Stress in Arabidopsis by Affecting Photosynthetic Performance and Related Gene Expression
Drought represents one of the most relevant abiotic stress affecting growth and yield of crop plants. In order to improve the agricultural productivity within the limited water and land resources, itExpand
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Photosystem II photochemical efficiency, zeaxanthin and antioxidant contents in the poikilohydric Ramonda serbica during dehydration and rehydration
Changes in photochemical efficiency, non-radiative energy dissipation (NRD), de-epoxidation state of xanthophyll cycle components (DPS) and contents of the antioxidants ascorbic acid and glutathioneExpand
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Zeaxanthin and non-photochemical quenching in sun and shade leaves of C3 and C4 plants
The relationships between non-radiative energy dissipation and the carotenoid content, especially the xanthophyll cycle components, were studied in sun and shade leaves of several plants possessingExpand
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Seasonal and inter-annual dynamics of growth, non-structural carbohydrates and C stable isotopes in a Mediterranean beech forest.
Seasonal and inter-annual dynamics of growth, non-structural carbohydrates (NSC) and carbon isotope composition (δ(13)C) of NSC were studied in a beech forest of Central Italy over a 2-year periodExpand
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