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Animal factors associated with core body temperature of nonlactating dairy cows during summer.
The primary objectives of the current study were to investigate animal factors associated with core body temperature (CBT) and to determine the time of the day in which CBT assessment best describesExpand
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Association Between Reproduction and Postpartum Cow Health during Summer Months in Dairies Located in the Great Plains Region
Postpartum cow health has an impact on fertility of dairy cows, and impaired fertility in dairy herds ultimately influences profitability of dairy farms. During summer months, postpartum cow healthExpand
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Case Study: Improving Heat Abatement Strategies for Lactating Dairy Cows in Southwest Kansas
Temperature loggers attached to intravaginal devices can be used to assess severity of heat stress in dairy cows. Vaginal temperature data collected using this method can be used to evaluateExpand
Effects of Two Commercial Supplemental Fat Products on Body Condition Score and Cow- and Herd-Level Milk Yield and Composition in a Commercial Dairy Herd in Kansas
Feeding fat supplements to lactating dairy cows is an effective strategy to increase energy density of rations and increase milk yield. However, it is not clear whether supplementing a specific fatExpand
Relationship Between Body Condition Score Change During the Prepartum Period and Week Four Milk Yield of Dairy Cows
The objectives of the study were to (1) evaluate the association between body condition score (BCS) change in the prepartum period and week four milk yield and (2) explore whether average week fourExpand
Gestation Length and Overall Performance in the Subsequent Lactation of Dairy Cows Conceiving to Holstein, Jersey, or Angus Semen: An Observational Study
Breeding strategies adopted by commercial dairy herds have evolved in recent years by incorporating the use of several breeds, including beef sires. Results of such strategies on offspringExpand
Large programs of in vitro embryo production have been developed in Brazil, but the results are very variable. The objective of this study was to evaluate managing factors that influence pregnancyExpand
Are My Dry Cows Heat-Stressed? A Novel Approach to Assess Heat Stress of Dry Cows in Commercial Dairy Herds
Heat stress during the dry period causes major economic losses to the dairy industry. However, limited research exists regarding responses of dry cows exposed to various temperature and relativeExpand