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The Sacred Books of the East
THE great work upon which Prof. Max Müller is engaged goes on apace. Volume after volume issues from the University Press containing the principal portions of the sacred literature of the EastExpand
Language and its Study
THESE three books are very fairly characteristic of the present position of comparative philology. The first is a reprint of the first seven chapters of Prof. Whitney's well-known work on the scienceExpand
The Sacred Books of the East
THE series of volumes, of which the first three have just been issued simultaneously, under the able editorship of Prof. Max Müller, are a very significant sign of our age. Their object is none otherExpand
The Dawn of Civilization: Egypt and Chaldœa
THE third edition of “The Dawn of Civilization,” the English translation of Prof. Maspero's “Les Origines,” has just been issued. The three coloured photographic plates which were inserted in theExpand
The Nestorian Monument in China
THIS volume deals with one of the most interesting romances of literature ever known. The slory has often been told before; but it will bear repetition, on the chance of reaching some whose readingExpand
La Linguistique
IN speaking lately of the Science of Language we alluded to the question that is still being debated among its students as to whether it ought to be classed with the physical or with the historicalExpand
Chronological History of Plants: Man's Record of his own Existence illustrated through their Names, Uses, and Companionship
THIS is an extraordinary book, difficult alike to characterise and to review. It is a monument of enormous labour and erudition, but it is not easy to discover the plan upon which it is compiled, andExpand