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Regional Advantage: Culture and Competition in Silicon Valley and Route 128
Compares the organization of regional economies, focusing on Silicon Valley's thriving regional network-based system and Route 128's declining independent firm-based system. The history ofExpand
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The New Argonauts: Regional Advantage in a Global Economy
Introduction 1. Surprising Success 2. Learning the Silicon Valley System 3. Creating Cross-Regional Communities 4. Taiwan as Silicon Sibling 5. Taiwan as Partner and Parent 6. Manufacturing inExpand
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From Brain Drain to Brain Circulation: Transnational Communities and Regional Upgrading in India and China
By 2000, over one-third of Silicon Valley’s high-skilled workers were foreign-born, and overwhelmingly from Asia. These U.S.-educated engineers are transforming developmental opportunities forExpand
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Silicon Valley's New Immigrant Entrepreneurs
CCIS THE CENTER FOR COMPARATIVE IMMIGRATION STUDIES Silicon Valley’s New Immigrant Entrepreneurs By AnnaLee Saxenian University of California – Santa Cruz Working Paper No. 15 May, 2000 University ofExpand
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‘Old Economy’ Inputs for ‘New Economy’ Outcomes: Cluster Formation in the New Silicon Valleys
This paper discusses the results of a two-year research project on the sources of success in regional clusters of entrepreneurship and innovation like Silicon Valley. Our project has studied a numberExpand
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Transnational Communities and the Evolution of Global Production Networks: The Cases of Taiwan, China and India
Transnational entrepreneurs--US-educated immigrant engineers whose activities span national borders--are creating new economic opportunities for formerly peripheral economies around the world. AsExpand
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Silicon Valley’s New Immigrant High-Growth Entrepreneurs
This article examines the economic contributions of skilled Asian immigrants in Silicon Valley—both directly, as entrepreneurs, and indirectly, as facilitators of trade with and investment in theirExpand
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Regional Networks and the Resurgence of Silicon Valley
When Japanese competition forced the U.S. semiconductor industry into crisis during the mid-1980s, most observers predicted the demise of Silicon Valley. Yet the region9s economy is once againExpand
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The origins and dynamics of production networks in Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley firms are coping with rising production costs and the constant demand for new products by relying on networks of suppliers from within the region and beyond.These long-term,Expand
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Brain Circulation: How High-Skill Immigration Makes Everyone Better Off
Silicon Valley's workforce is among the world's most ethnically diverse. Not only do Asian and Hispanic workers dominate the low-paying, blue-collar workforce, but foreign-born scientists andExpand
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