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Analysis of forest vegetation at and around Naini Tal in Kumaun Himalaya
Certain forests at and around Naini Tal were quantitatively analysed. On the basis of IVI, a total of five forest types, viz., Pinus roxburghii, Quercus floribunda, Q. lanuginosa, Q.Expand
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Seasonal changes in a population of Menacanthus eurysternus (Mallophaga, Amblycera) on the common myna Acridotheres tristis.
Seasonal variations in a population of an amblyceran louse, Menacanthus eurysternus, infesting the common myna have been studied. Incidence of infestation, lice, index, and population structure ofExpand
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Prevalence and Population Structure of Lice (Phthiraptera) on the Indian Red Avadavat
Abstract Prevalences of two phthirapteran species (an ischnoceran, Brueelia amandavae, and an amblyceran, Myrsidea amandava) on 130 Red Avadavats (Amandava amandava) were 36.2 and 20.8% in theExpand
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Incidence of Mallophaga on poultry in Dehradun (India).
The order of abundance of different mallophagan species on poultry birds in Dehradun (India) has been found to be Menopon gallinae greater than Menacanthus cornutus greater than MenacanthusExpand
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Incidence of phthirapteran infestation upon the buffaloes of Dehradun (India).
Out of 373 buffaloes examined in different localities of Dehradun, 60.58% have been found infested with Haematopinus tuberculatus. Incidence of infestation was higher on adults than on youngs. TheExpand
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The distribution of lice (Phthiraptera) on poultry (Gallus domesticus).
The distribution of three amblyceran (Menacanthus stramineus, Menacanthus cornutus, Menopon gallinae) and five ischnoceran species (Lipeurus lawrensis tropicalis, Lipeurus caponis. GoniocotesExpand
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Distribution Pattern of Phthirapterans Infesting Certain Common Indian Birds
The prevalence and frequency distribution patterns of 10 phthirapteran species infesting house sparrows, Indian parakeets, common mynas, and white breasted kingfishers were recorded in the districtExpand
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REKASI, J. & SAXENA, A. K. (2005): A new Phthiraptera species (Philopteridae) from the Red Avadavat (Amandava amandava). Aquila 112, p. 87–93. A new chewing louse species Brueelia amandavae sp. n. isExpand
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