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An Adaptive Recurrent Neural Network for Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Lithium-ion Batteries
Prognostics is an emerging science of predicting the health condition of a system (or its components) based upon current and previous system states. A reliable predictor is very useful to a wideExpand
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An Efficient Deterministic Approach to Model-based Prediction Uncertainty Estimation
Abstract : Prognostics deals with the prediction of the end of life (EOL) of a system. EOL is a random variable, due to the presence of process noise and uncertainty in the future inputs to theExpand
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Combining Model-Based and Feature-Driven Diagnosis Approaches - A Case Study on Electromechanical Actuators
Modelbased diagnosis typically uses analytical redundancy to compare predictions from a model against observations from the system being diagnosed. However this approach does not work very well whenExpand
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Comparison of two probabilistic fatigue damage assessment approaches using prognostic performance metrics
In this paper, two probabilistic prognosis updating schemes are compared. One is based on the classical Bayesian approach and the other is based on newly developed maximum relative entropy (MRE)Expand
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A data-level fusion approach for degradation modeling and prognostic analysis under multiple failure modes
ABSTRACT Operating units, in practice, often suffer from multiple modes of failure, and each failure mode has a distinct influence on the service life cycle path of a unit. The rapid development ofExpand
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Prognostic Performance Metrics
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Collective collaboration for optimal path formation and goal hunting through swarm robot
This paper proposes a strategy to find optimal path to an object through multi agent system called swarm robots, inspired by biological swarm. The system is based on Master Slave concept where masterExpand
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Distilling the Verification Process for Prognostics Algorithms
The goal of prognostics and health management (PHM) systems is to ensure system safety, and reduce downtime and maintenance costs. It is important that a PHM system is verified and validated beforeExpand
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Review of Soft Computing Techniques used in Robotics Application
In this Review paper we discussed, how soft computing to the field of behavior based robotics. It discusses the role of fuzzy, neuro-fuzzy and genetic algorithm rule-based systems for behaviorExpand
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