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Identification and detection of Macrophomina phaseolina by using species-specific oligonucleotide primers and probe.
This study aimed at developing specific primers and oligonucleotide probe and subsequent evaluation of their efficiency for identification/detection of M. phaseolina under in vitro conditions. Expand
Quantitative structure-activity relationships.
  • A. Saxena, S. Ram
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  • 1979
A major effort has been made only very recently based on physical organic chemistry using regression analysis and computer technology to design biologically active molecules on a rational basis. Expand
Suppression of maize root diseases caused by Macrophomina phaseolina, Fusarium moniliforme and Fusarium graminearum by plant growth promoting rhizobacteria.
All the three isolates could proliferate successfully in the rhizosphere, rhizoplane and endorhizosphere of maize, both at 30 and 60 days after seeding, and might be involved in the biological suppression of the maize root diseases. Expand
Drug/drug interaction of common NSAIDs with antiplatelet effect of aspirin in human platelets.
Docking analysis of NSAID interactions at the COX-1 active site appears useful to predict their interference with the anti-platelet activity of aspirin and provide a basis for understanding the observed differences among individual non-aspirin NSAIDs. Expand
Providencia vermicola sp. nov., isolated from infective juveniles of the entomopathogenic nematode Steinernema thermophilum.
In the course of isolating bacteria from infective juveniles of the entomopathogenic nematode Steinernema thermophilum Ganguly & Singh, 2000, three isolates were obtained and strain OP1T was considered to be sufficiently distinct from recognized Providencia species to warrant the description of a novel species. Expand
Enhancing the survival of tunneled haemodialysis catheters using an antibiotic lock in the elderly: A randomised, double‐blind clinical trial
The role of an antibiotic heparin ‘lock’ in the prevention of thrombotic and infectious complications and enhancement of TCC survival in the elderly has not been investigated previously. Expand
Impact of PGPR inoculation on growth and antioxidant status of wheat under saline conditions.
Two plant growth-promoting rhizobacterial (PGPR) strains, Bacillus subtilis SU47 and Arthrobacter sp. SU18, were found to tolerate 8% NaCl. Wheat co-inoculated with these two PGPR strains, and grownExpand
Comparative efficiency of different pretreatment methods on enzymatic digestibility of Parthenium sp.
Alkali (1 % NaOH) treatment proves to be the suitable method of pretreatment for lignin recovery and enhanced yield of reducing sugar which may be used for bioethanol production from Parthenium sp. Expand
Phylogenetic Diversity and Characterization of Novel and Efficient Cellulase Producing Bacterial Isolates from Various Extreme Environments
The enzymes of these two isolates are found to be active over broad range of pH and temperature, and facilitate the development of efficient and cost-effective forms of the simultaneous saccharification and fermentation process converting lignocellulosic biomass into biofuels and value-added products. Expand
Epiphytic pink-pigmented methylotrophic bacteria enhance germination and seedling growth of wheat (Triticum aestivum) by producing phytohormone
Methylotrophic bacteria were isolated from the phyllosphere of different crop plants such as sugarcane, pigeonpea, mustard, potato and radish. The methylotrophic isolates were differentiated based onExpand