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Green revolution: A mutant gibberellin-synthesis gene in rice
The chronic food shortage that was feared after the rapid expansion of the world population in the 1960s was averted largely by the development of a high-yielding semi-dwarf variety of rice known asExpand
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Protein structure determination in living cells by in-cell NMR spectroscopy
Investigating proteins ‘at work’ in a living environment at atomic resolution is a major goal of molecular biology, which has not been achieved even though methods for the three-dimensional (3D)Expand
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A Novel Bipartite Double-Stranded RNA Mycovirus from the White Root Rot Fungus Rosellinia necatrix: Molecular and Biological Characterization, Taxonomic Considerations, and Potential for Biological
ABSTRACT White root rot, caused by the ascomycete Rosellinia necatrix, is a devastating disease worldwide, particularly in fruit trees in Japan. Here we report on the biological and molecularExpand
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An endornavirus from a hypovirulent strain of the violet root rot fungus, Helicobasidium mompa.
Abstract We determined the complete nucleotide (nt) sequence (16,614 nt) of a large double-stranded (ds) RNA (referred to as L1 dsRNA), previously identified as the hypovirulence factor from strainExpand
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A Reovirus Causes Hypovirulence of Rosellinia necatrix.
ABSTRACT White root rot, caused by Rosellinia necatrix, is a serious soilborne disease of fruit trees and other woody plants. R. necatrix isolate W370 contains 12 segments of double-stranded RNAExpand
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A novel quadripartite dsRNA virus isolated from a phytopathogenic filamentous fungus, Rosellinia necatrix.
Here we report the biological and molecular attributes of a novel dsRNA virus isolated from Rosellinia necatrix, a filamentous phytopathogenic fungus. The virus, termed Rosellinia necatrixExpand
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Multiple virus infection in a single strain of Fusarium poae shown by deep sequencing
Many bands were detected on an electrophoretic profile of double-stranded (ds) RNA preparation from a single strain of Fusarium poae isolated from wheat. When the purified dsRNA sample wasExpand
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Artificial Infection of Rosellinia necatrix with Purified Viral Particles of a Member of the Genus Mycoreovirus Reveals Its Uneven Distribution in Single Colonies.
ABSTRACT Rosellinia necatrix mycoreovirus 3 (W370) (RnMYRV-3/W370, described as RnMYRV-3 in this paper), a member of the newly established genus Mycoreovirus within the family Reoviridae, is theExpand
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Appearance of mycovirus-like double-stranded RNAs in the white root rot fungus, Rosellinia necatrix, in an apple orchard.
In general, mycoviruses are transmitted through hyphal anastomosis between vegetatively compatible strains of the same fungi, and their entire intracellular life cycle within host fungi limitsExpand
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Detection of a Double-Stranded RNA Virus from a Strain of the Violet Root Rot Fungus Helicobasidium mompa Tanaka
Three double-stranded (ds) RNA species (ca. 1.30, 1.27 and 1.23×106) were isolated by CF-11 cellulose chromatography from a strain of the violet root rot fungus Helicobasidium mompa recovered fromExpand
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