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Shear wave elasticity imaging: a new ultrasonic technology of medical diagnostics.
Shear wave elasticity imaging (SWEI) is a new approach to imaging and characterizing tissue structures based on the use of shear acoustic waves remotely induced by the radiation force of a focusedExpand
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From times immemorial manual palpation served as a source of information on the state of soft tissues and allowed detection of various diseases accompanied by changes in tissue elasticity. During theExpand
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Biophysical Bases of Elasticity Imaging
Elasticity imaging is based on two processes. The first is the evaluation of the mechanical response of a stressed tissue using imaging modalities, e.g. ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),Expand
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Ultrasonic velocimetry of biological compounds.
  • A. Sarvazyan
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  • Annual review of biophysics and biophysical…
  • 1991
KEY WORDS: thermodynamics of biopolymers, compressibility of biomole-cules, hydration of biomolecules, conformational transition,acoustical nonlinearity parameterCONTENTSPerspectives and OverviewExpand
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Acoustic radiation force and streaming induced by focused nonlinear ultrasound in a dissipative medium
Based on asymptotic methods recently developed in nonlinear acoustics, analytical solutions of the equations for the radiation force induced by nonlinear focused ultrasound in a dissipative mediumExpand
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Mechanical Imaging of the Breast
We analyze the physical basis for elasticity imaging of the breast by measuring breast skin stress patterns that result from a force sensor array pressed against the breast tissue. Expand
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Hydrational and intrinsic compressibilities of globular proteins
Partial compressibilities of globular proteins in water are reviewed. Contribution of hydrational and of intrinsic compressibilities to experimental partial quantity have been evaluated fromExpand
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Biomedical applications of radiation force of ultrasound: historical roots and physical basis.
Radiation force is a universal phenomenon in any wave motion, electromagnetic or acoustic. Although acoustic and electromagnetic waves are both characterized by time variation of basic quantities,Expand
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Hydration and partial compressibility of biological compounds.
We review the results of compressibility studies on proteins, nucleic acids, and systematically altered low molecular weight compounds that model the constituents of these biopolymers. The modelExpand
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Ultrasonic assessment of tissue hydration status.
Tissue water content is an important diagnostic parameter that can be used for estimation of water loss in muscles such as common dehydration during high endurance exercises. It could be also appliedExpand
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