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Basal Tuffs and Contemporaneity of the Chattisgarh and Khariar Basins Based on New Dates and Geochemistry
Time bracketing of thousands-of-meters-thick, unmetamorphosed, fossil-free sedimentary successions is a long-standing challenge in Indian Proterozoic stratigraphy. Limited geochronologic ages from
Terrain characterization using SRTM data
Earth’s surface possesses relief because the geomorphic processes operate at different rates, and geologic structure plays a dominant role in the evolution of landforms (Thornbury, 1954). The spatial
Forecasting the Demand for Medical Tourism in India
The purpose of this study is to predict as precisely as possible the medical tourism demand in India. As tourist arrivals is the most frequently used measure of tourism demand, the present study
Land Use - Terrain Correlations in the Piedmont Tract of Eastern India: A Case Study of the Dulung River Basin
The Dulung River flows across West Bengal and Jharkhand in India. The geographical variables present within the basin area are categorised into groups like Physiographic, Morphometric and Land
Bearing of Last Glacial Maxima (LGM) on Sediment Accumulation in Parts of Arabian Sea
VOL.77, JAN. 2011 of the Kumaun University . Ranjan Dutta, Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, New Delhi suggested that UCCC has to be intellectually independent
Workplace Culture & Status of Women Construction Labourers: A case study in Kolkata, West Bengal
A B S T R A C T The construction sector has the largest number of unorganized labourers in India next only to the agricultural sector, and women form almost half the workforce as unskilled labourers