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History of study and checklist of the scorpion fauna (Arachnida: Scorpiones) of Iran
An updated checklist of the scorpion fauna of Iran, as well as a brief history of taxonomic research on scorpions of Iran is presented. The checklist is based on records of scorpion species whose
Drastic underestimation of amphipod biodiversity in the endangered Irano-Anatolian and Caucasus biodiversity hotspots
Molecular species delimitation methods are used to quantify cryptic diversity of the montane amphipods in the Irano-Anatolian and Caucasus biodiversity hotspots and demonstrate that Amphipod biodiversity is drastically underestimated.
Intertidal habitats and decapod (Crustacea) diversity of Qeshm Island, a biodiversity hotspot within the Persian Gulf
Qualitative rapid assessments and taxonomic surveys of decapod crustaceans were carried out along the entire coastline of Qeshm Island, finding the combined habitat “rocky/cobble”, occurring mainly along the south coast, had the highest species diversity.
A checklist of the barnacles (Crustacea: Cirripedia: Thoracica) of the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman with nine new records.
The present annotated checklist contains 43 species of thoracican barnacles known to date from the area, 33 and 26 from the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, respectively. Nine species are new
Subtidal crabs of the Iranian coast of the Persian Gulf: New collections and biogeographic considerations
Zoogeographical analysis shows that a high proportion (27%) of the Iranian subtidal crabs have world distribution in the Northern part of Indo-West Pacific region and only two endemic species were found.
Antennular sensory organs in cyprids of balanomorphan cirripedes: standardizing terminology using Megabalanus rosa
A new terminology is proposed for cyprid antennular setae, which will form a basis for future comparative and functional studies of cirripede settlement.
Mesobuthus eupeus (Scorpiones: Buthidae) from Iran: A polytypic species complex
The hypothesis that M. eupeus is a polytypic species complex and possibly in- cludes more than one valid species is confirmed and raised to the species level according to comparative morphological analysis.
Littoral mud shrimps (Decapoda: Gebiidea & Axiidea) of the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, Iran
The mud shrimps of Iran are not well known. Material for the present study was collected from 21 out of 51 intertidal localities from the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, Iran. In total, 11 species
Annotated checklist of the decapod crustaceans of the Gulf of Oman, northwestern Indian Ocean.
The decapod crustaceans of the Gulf of Oman have been documented based on the published literature and new sampling along the Iranian coast between 2005 and 2015, with the northern coast with 189 species is more diverse than the southern coast with 134 species.
Phylogenetic relationships in the tribe Oxyptilini (Lepidoptera, Pterophoridae, Pterophorinae) based on morphological data of adults
The monophyly of the tribe Oxyptilini and phylogenetic relationships of the genera embraced in this tribe were examined using 171 characters of adult morphology and a majority of the recovered synapomorphic characters have previously been used in the taxonomy of the subfamily.