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Multiple sequence alignment with affine gap by using multi-objective genetic algorithm
Multiple sequence alignment is of central importance to bioinformatics and computational biology. Although a large number of algorithms for computing a multiple sequence alignment have been designed,Expand
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Glaucoma detection using image processing techniques: A literature review
The term glaucoma refers to a group of heterogeneous diseases that cause the degeneration of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs). The degeneration of RGCs leads to two main issues: (i) structural changesExpand
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Visualization of health indicators: utilizing data mining techniques and statistical analysis for effective comparison of user profiles
Abstract In this paper, we describe an integrated framework which incorporates data mining and statistical methods leading to the development of a visualization tool to facilitate users inExpand
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Approximating the maximum common subgraph isomorphism problem with a weighted graph
The maximum common subgraph isomorphism problem is a difficult graph problem, and the problem of finding the maximum common subgraph isomorphism problem is NP-hard. This means there is likely noExpand
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The Power of Social Network Construction and Analysis for Knowledge Discovery in the Medical Referral Process
The social network model is powerful enough to provide for the analysis and study of a variety of application domains from daily life, including health care and health informatics. After theExpand
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Social media analysis and summarization for opinion mining: a business case study
A huge amount of social media data is generated daily as a result of the interactions between subscribers of the social networking platforms. Subscribers are characterized by diversity in background,Expand
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E-commerce has been considered to be a very important source to share business information and establish a relationship between people on a communication network especially the Web which is driven byExpand
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Utilizing Transfer Learning and a Customized Loss Function for Optic Disc Segmentation from Retinal Images
Accurate segmentation of the optic disc from a retinal image is vital to extracting retinal features that may be highly correlated with retinal conditions such as glaucoma. In this paper, we proposeExpand