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Beyond the WTO? An Anatomy of EU and US Preferential Trade Agreements
This Blueprint looks in detail at all the provisions of all the PTAs signed by the EC or the US and other WTO members. Henrik Horn, Petros C. Mavroidis and Andre Sapir find that Europe and the USExpand
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Globalization and the Reform of European Social Models
  • A. Sapir
  • Economics, Political Science
  • 1 November 2005
Summary. Europe’s labour and social institutions need urgent reform if we are to grasp the opportunities offered by globalisation and avoid the threats. But the notion of a single "European SocialExpand
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An Agenda for a Growing Europe: The Sapir Report
Over the past decade European economic integration has seen considerable institutional success, but the economic performance of the EU has been varied. While macroeconomic stability has improved andExpand
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The Governance and Performance of Universities: Evidence from Europe and the US
We test the hypothesis that universities are more productive when they are both more autonomous and face more competition. Using survey data, we construct indices of university autonomy andExpand
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The Governance and Performance of Research Universities: Evidence from Europe and the U.S
We investigate how university governance affects research output, measured by patenting and international university research rankings. For both European and U.S. universities, we generate severalExpand
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The Internationalization Process of Firms: From Exports to FDI
We examine how uncertainty affects firms' internationalization choices. We begin by unveiling a new empirical regularity: using a unique dataset that allows us to study the dynamics of firms' exportsExpand
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Higher Aspirations: An Agenda for Reforming European Universities. Bruegel Blueprint Series, Volume 5, July 2008
Since the introduction of the Shanghai ranking of the world’s universities it has been clear that European universities are underperforming. This blueprint discusses the potential explanations andExpand
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A European mechanism for sovereign debt crisis resolution: a proposal. Bruegel Blueprint Series, 9 November 2010
This Bruegel Blueprint argues that Europe should take the lead in defining a solution to the problem of excessive public debts and create a European Crisis Resolution Mechanism (ECRM).The authors,Expand
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EU-IMF assistance to euro area countries: an early assessment. Bruegel Blueprint No. 19, 16 May 2013
Three years ago, in May 2010, Greece became the first euro-area country to receive financial assistance from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund in exchange for implementing anExpand
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