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Immunoproteasome and LMP2 polymorphism in aged and Alzheimer's disease brains
In this study, we investigated the presence and role of immunoproteasome and its LMP2 subunit polymorphism at codon 60 in Alzheimer's disease (AD). Immunoproteasome was present in brain areas such asExpand
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Immune system, cell senescence, aging and longevity--inflamm-aging reappraised.
Inflamm-aging, that is the age-associated inflammatory status, is considered one of the most striking consequences of immunosenescence, as it is believed to be linked to the majority ofExpand
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Inflammaging: a new immune–metabolic viewpoint for age-related diseases
Ageing and age-related diseases share some basic mechanistic pillars that largely converge on inflammation. During ageing, chronic, sterile, low-grade inflammation — called inflammaging — develops,Expand
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Inflammaging and Cancer: A Challenge for the Mediterranean Diet
Aging is considered the major risk factor for cancer, one of the most important mortality causes in the western world. Inflammaging, a state of chronic, low-level systemic inflammation, is aExpand
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Evidence for Sub-Haplogroup H5 of Mitochondrial DNA as a Risk Factor for Late Onset Alzheimer's Disease
Background Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is the most common neurodegenerative disease and the leading cause of dementia among senile subjects. It has been proposed that AD can be caused by defects inExpand
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The Continuum of Aging and Age-Related Diseases: Common Mechanisms but Different Rates
Geroscience, the new interdisciplinary field that aims to understand the relationship between aging and chronic age-related diseases (ARDs) and geriatric syndromes (GSs), is based on epidemiologicalExpand
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Immunoproteasomes and immunosenescence
Aging is a complex process which is accompanied with the decline and the reshaping of different functions of the body. In particular the immune system is characterized, during ageingExpand
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Mitochondrial DNA Backgrounds Might Modulate Diabetes Complications Rather than T2DM as a Whole
Mitochondrial dysfunction has been implicated in rare and common forms of type 2 diabetes (T2DM). Additionally, rare mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) mutations have been shown to be causal for T2DMExpand
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Association studies on human mitochondrial DNA: methodological aspects and results in the most common age-related diseases.
Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) follows direct maternal inheritance and, as such, can be used in phylogenetic studies to determine a human lineage tree. The presence of common polymorphisms allows aExpand
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Combating inflammaging through a Mediterranean whole diet approach: The NU-AGE project's conceptual framework and design
The development of a chronic, low grade, inflammatory status named "inflammaging" is a major characteristic of ageing, which plays a critical role in the pathogenesis of age-related diseases.Expand
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