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Perfectly Secure Key Distribution for Dynamic Conferences
Abstract In this paper we analyze perfectly secure key distribution schemes for dynamic conferences. In this setting,anymember of a group oftusers can compute a common key using only his privateExpand
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Visual Cryptography for General Access Structures
A visual cryptography scheme for a set P ofnparticipants is a method of encoding a secret imageSIintonshadow images called shares, where each participant in P receives one share. Certain qualifiedExpand
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Perfectly-Secure Key Distribution for Dynamic Conferences
A key distribution scheme for dynamic conferences is a method by which initially an (off-line) trusted server distributes private individual pieces of information to a set of users. Later any groupExpand
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Extended capabilities for visual cryptography
An extended visual cryptography scheme (EVCS), for an access structure (ΓQual,ΓForb) on a set of n participants, is a technique to encode n images in such a way that when we stack together theExpand
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Robust Non-interactive Zero Knowledge
Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge (NIZK), introduced by Blum, Feldman, and Micali in 1988, is a fundamental cryptographic primitive which has attracted considerable attention in the last decade and hasExpand
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Design of Self-Healing Key Distribution Schemes
A self-healing key distribution scheme enables dynamic groups of users of an unreliable network to establish group keys for secure communication. In such a scheme, a group manager, at the beginningExpand
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On the Contrast in Visual Cryptography Schemes
Abstract. A visual cryptography scheme is a method to encode a secret image SI into shadow images called shares such that certain qualified subsets of shares enable the ``visual'' recovery of theExpand
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Noninteractive Zero-Knowledge
This paper investigates the possibility of disposing of interaction between prover and verifier in a zero-knowledge proof if they share beforehand a short random string.Without any assumption, it i...
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On the Size of Shares for Secret Sharing Schemes
A secret sharing scheme permits a secret to be shared among participants in such a way that only qualified subsets of partecipants can recover the secret, but any non-qualified subset has absolutelyExpand
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Improved Schemes for Visual Cryptography
A (k,n)-threshold visual cryptography scheme ((k,n)-threshold VCS, for short) is a method to encode a secret image SI into n shadow images called shares such that any k or more shares enable theExpand
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