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Specific hypomethylation of DNA is induced by heavy metals in white clover and industrial hemp
The present study was to assess the effect of heavy metal stress on the DNA methylation of a metal-sensitive plant, Trifolium repens L. and of a metal-tolerant plant, Cannabis sativa L. The changesExpand
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Influence of compost amendment on microbial community and ecotoxicity of hydrocarbon-contaminated soils.
The influence of a high quality compost amendment on two soils contaminated with diesel oil and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, PAHs, respectively, was evaluated, with respect to contaminantExpand
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Heavy metal tolerance and accumulation of Cd, Cr and Ni by Cannabis sativa L.
Experiments in semi-natural conditions were undertaken to assess hemp metal tolerance and its ability to accumulate cadmium, nickel and chromium. Cannabis sativa was grown in two soils, S1 and S2,Expand
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Vulnerability of mitochondrial complex I in PC12 cells exposed to manganese.
The present findings provide experimental evidence for the hypothesis that an impairment of mitochondrial function may be involved in manganese neurotoxicity. Specifically, the treatment ofExpand
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The arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus mosseae induces growth and metal accumulation changes in Cannabis sativa L.
The effect of arbuscular mycorrhiza on heavy metal uptake and translocation was investigated in Cannabis sativa. Hemp was grown in the presence and absence of 100 microg g-1 Cd and Ni and 300 microgExpand
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Soil genotoxicity assessment: a new stategy based on biomolecular tools and plant bioindicators.
The setting up of efficient early warning systems is a challenge to research for preventing environmental alteration and human disease. In this paper, we report the development and the fieldExpand
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Cold stress in the rat induces parallel changes in plasma and pituitary levels of endorphin and ACTH.
Endorphin and ACTH-like materials levels in rat plasma and pituitary were measured by radioimmunoassay under baseline and cold stress conditions. Cold stress significantly increased plasmaExpand
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Air quality biomonitoring: assessment of air pollution genotoxicity in the Province of Novara (North Italy) by using Trifolium repens L. and molecular markers.
Mixed air pollutants are considered a major cause of DNA damage in living species. In this study Trifolium repens L. cv Regal was used as a bioindicator to assess the genotoxicity of air stressors inExpand
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Columba livia as a Sentinel Species for the Assessment of Urban Air Genotoxicity
This study explored the comet assay as a possible tool to assess genotoxicity in erythrocytes of Columba livia to detect genotoxic effects induced by exposure to urban air pollution. Fieldwork wasExpand
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Lack of opiate receptor involvement in centrally induced calcitonin analgesia.
Abstract Calcitonin (CT) injected into the brain ventricles (ICV) of conscious rabbits induced an analgesia not reversable by naloxone which could be repeatedly elicited (for 5 days), while toleranceExpand
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