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Qualitative assessment of human exposure to consumption of injection site residues.
The results suggest that the risk of injection site consumption belongs more appropriately to an acute exposure risk than to a chronic one which is usually posed by the residues present in other edible tissues. Expand
Efficacies of osaterone and delmadinone in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia in dogs
Osaterone reduced the volume of the prostate glands of the dogs significantly more quickly than delmadinone, and both induced a similar level of minor, mostly transitory adverse effects. Expand
Critical review on the withdrawal period calculation for injection site residues.
An alternative pragmatic method taking into account the last slaughter time with all data below the reference threshold, combined with a safety span, is proposed for injection site residues. Expand
Clinical efficacy and tolerance of miltefosine in the treatment of canine leishmaniosis
The data demonstrate that the miltefosine drug, at the recommended dose and treatment regime, was safe and efficacious for the treatment of canine leishmaniosis. Expand
Protective Efficacy of the Calicivirus Valency of the Leucofeligen Vaccine against a Virulent Heterologous Challenge in Kittens
Leucofeligen was shown to provide a significant clinical protection to kittens challenged with heterologous virulent FCV, indicating a key role for cellular immunity in the overall protection and suggesting that previously reported seroneutralisation studies may underestimate the level of cross-protection against field strains obtained with this modified live FCV-F9 vaccine. Expand
Comparison of two shampoos as sole treatment for canine bacterial overgrowth syndrome
Two antibacterial shampoos for the treatment of canine bacterial overgrowth syndrome (BOGS) were compared in a prospective controlled clinical trial and found 3 per cent CHX and 2.5 per cent BPO were similarly effective in the Treatment of canine BOGS. Expand
Safety of Canigen ® DHPPi / L ( R ) Vaccines for Pregnant Bitches and their Offspring
Introduction: Vaccination during pregnancy is usually not recommended with live vaccines, because of the risks of inducing disease in a pregnant female dog with an impaired immune system, and ofExpand