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Calcium: effect of different amounts on nonheme- and heme-iron absorption in humans.
Addition of calcium chloride to wheat rolls significantly reduced iron absorption, suggesting that the effect of calcium is related to the mucosal transfer of iron.
Bioavailability of minerals in legumes
  • A. Sandberg
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    British Journal of Nutrition
  • 1 December 2002
It has been demonstrated that nutritional Fe deficiency reaches its greatest prevalence in populations subsisting on cereal- and legume-based diets and addition of microbial enzyme preparations seems to be the most efficient for complete degradation during processing.
Reduction in the Levels of Phytate During Wholemeal Bread Making; Effect of Yeast and Wheat Phytases
Abstract No difference in wheat phytase activity was observed when different types of acid were used to adjust the pH of wholemeal wheat flour suspensions to pH 5·0, the optimum for wheat phytase.
High performance chromatographic separation of inositol phosphate isomers on strong anion exchange columns.
Inositol phosphates are focused on because of their functions in the cell, as well as their effects on the bioavailability of certain minerals. To improve the separation of inositol hexakis- to
Inositol phosphates with different numbers of phosphate groups influence iron absorption in humans.
To improve iron absorption from cereals and legumes, degradation of inositol phosphates needs to be to less-phosphorylated inositoli phosphates than IP(3), while IP(5) has an inhibitory effect on iron absorption, whereas IP (3) and IP(4) in isolated form have no such effect.
HPLC Method for Determination of inositol Tri-, Tetra-, Penta-, and Hexaphosphates in Foods and Intestinal Contents
A HPLC method was developed for separation and quantitative determination of inositol tri-, tetra-, penta-, and hexaphosphates. The method included extraction of inositol phosphates with HCI,
Dietary Aspergillus niger phytase increases iron absorption in humans.
The results suggest that effective and complete degradation of phytate occurred in the stomach when A. niger phytase was given with the meal, and may be explained by high activity of microbialphytase at physiological pH conditions of the stomach, whereas wheat phytases has a different pH optimum.
Determination of Isomers of Inositol Mono- to Hexaphosphates in Selected Foods and Intestinal Contents Using High-Performance Ion Chromatography
A sensitive high-performance ion chromatography (HPIC) method for separation and quantitative determination of inositol mono- to hexaphosphate (IP1−IP6) isomers in selected foods and intestinal
Degradation products of bran phytate formed during digestion in the human small intestine: effect of extrusion cooking on digestibility.
The digestibility of phytate in raw bran and extruded bran was investigated in seven ileostomy patients and it was found that the reduced digestibility might be due to the lost phytase activity or to formation of indigestiblephytate complexes during extrusion cooking.