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Improving nutritional values of palm kernel cake (PKC) as poultry feeds: a review
Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) is a by-product of palm kernel oil extract ion and provides moderate nutrition with approximately 16-18% of crude protein (CP) and 13-20% crude fiber (CF). Usage of PKC isExpand
Molecular diversity of the foregut bacteria community in the dromedary camel (Camelus dromedarius).
The molecular diversity of the foregut bacterial community in the dromedary camel (Camelus dromedarius) in Central Australia was investigated through comparative analyses of 16S rRNA gene sequencesExpand
The effect of dietary bacterial organic selenium on growth performance, antioxidant capacity, and Selenoproteins gene expression in broiler chickens
The supplementation of bacterial organic Se in broiler chicken, improved tissue Se deposition, antioxidant status, and selenoproteins gene expression, and can be considered as an effective alternative source of Se in Broiler chickens. Expand
Effects of Supplementation of Rumen Protected Fats on Rumen Ecology and Digestibility of Nutrients in Sheep
It is suggested that different types of protected fats have no unfavourable influences on the ruminal fermentation and productive parameters, and therefore prilled fat, prilledfat with lecithin and calcium soaps did not improve animal performance as compared to the diet without protected fats in Dorper sheep. Expand
Effects of postbiotic supplementation on growth performance, ruminal fermentation and microbial profile, blood metabolite and GHR, IGF-1 and MCT-1 gene expression in post-weaning lambs
The inclusion of postbiotics from L. plantarum RG14 in newly-weaned lambs improved growth performance, nutrient intake and nutrient digestibility reflected from better rumen fermentation and microbial parameters, blood metabolites and upregulation of growth and nutrient intake genes in the post-weaning lambs. Expand
Influence of Carotino oil on in vitro rumen fermentation, metabolism and apparent biohydrogenation of fatty acids.
Carotino oil seems to enhance the accumulation of beneficial unsaturated fatty acids without disrupting rumen fermentation. Expand
Profiling of rumen fermentation, microbial population and digestibility in goats fed with dietary oils containing different fatty acids
This study demonstrated that supplementation of different dietary oils containing different fatty acid profiles improved rumen fermentation by reducing ammonia concentration and increasing total VFA concentration, altering fibre degrading bacteria population, and improving apparent digestibility of crude protein and ether extract. Expand
Serum fatty acids, biochemical indices and antioxidant status in goats fed canola oil and palm oil blend
Dietary canola oil and palm oil blend could be supplemented in diets without instigating oxidative stress in goats, and neither diet nor sampling time influenced serum TBARS value, catalase, glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase activities. Expand
Effects of dietary postbiotic and inulin on growth performance, IGF1 and GHR mRNA expression, faecal microbiota and volatile fatty acids in broilers
Results indicate that the addition of postbiotics and inulin combinations had beneficial effects on total BW, feed efficiency, mucosa architecture and IGF1 and GHR mRNA expression in broiler chickens. Expand
Effects of Feeding Different Postbiotics Produced by Lactobacillus plantarum on Growth Performance, Carcass Yield, Intestinal Morphology, Gut Microbiota Composition, Immune Status, and Growth Gene
It was demonstrated that birds fed RI11 diets had significantly higher final body weight, total weight gain and average daily gain than the birds that received the NC, PC and AA treatments. Expand