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Power control and resource management for a multimedia CDMA wireless system
We develop bounds on the total number of users of each class that can be supported simultaneously while maintaining adequate QoS and meeting resource constraints. Expand
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Estimation of maximum Doppler frequency for handoff decisions
A previous paper considered the problem of adaptively determining the measurement averaging interval for handoffs through the estimation of the maximum Doppler frequency, f/sub D/ and approaches to bias correction. Expand
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Adaptive averaging methodology for handoffs in cellular systems
The purpose of this paper is to show how information in signal strength measurements can be exploited to improve the quality of handoff decisions, for both large and small cells. Expand
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Downlink Scheduling for Multiclass Traffic in LTE
We present a design of a complete and practical scheduler for the 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) downlink by integrating recent results on resource allocation, fast computational algorithms, and scheduling. Expand
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Cell Association and Interference Coordination in Heterogeneous LTE-A Cellular Networks
In this paper, we first studied association and resource partitioning schemes for heterogeneous networks. Expand
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Beamforming Tradeoffs for Initial UE Discovery in Millimeter-Wave MIMO Systems
Low-complexity beamforming approaches for initial user equipment discovery in millimeter-wave multi-input multi-output (MIMO) systems . Expand
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Access control of data in integrated voice/data CDMA systems: benefits and tradeoffs
  • A. Sampath, J. Holtzman
  • Computer Science, Psychology
  • Proceedings of ICC'97 - International Conference…
  • 8 June 1997
In previous work, access control for data was proposed as a method to enhance capacity while ensuring adequate quality of service (QoS) in an integrated voice/data CDMA system. Expand
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On setting reverse link target SIR in a CDMA system
The outer loop dynamically adjusts the target SIR so that adequate performance in terms of frame error rate (FER), the true quality measure, is achieved. Expand
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Erlang capacity of a power controlled integrated voice and data CDMA system
We evaluate the Erlang capacity of a voice-only CDMA system with voice and data users. Expand
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Multi-channel Jamming Attacks using Cognitive Radios
We explore the feasibility and impact of cognitive radio based jamming attacks on multi-channel 802.11 networks using a single radio. Expand
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