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Endogenous peroxynitrite mediates mitochondrial dysfunction in rat diaphragm during endotoxemia
It has been shown that nitric oxide (NO), synthesized by the inducible NO synthase (iNOS) expressed in the diaphragm during endotoxemia, participates in the development of muscular contractileExpand
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Lipids and fatty acids in muscle, liver and skin of three edible fish from the Senegalese coast: Sardinella maderensis, Sardinella aurita and Cephalopholis taeniops.
Lipid content and fatty acid composition were determined in three species of edible fish caught in Senegalese waters during the upwelling season (January, 1993). Sardinella maderensis and SardinellaExpand
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Climatic determinants of irrigated rice performance in the Sahel — I. Photothermal and micro-climatic responses of flowering
Abstract In the Sahel, variable crop duration of irrigated rice poses serious timing problems for intensification of production. Photothermal effects on phenology have been studied to developExpand
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Fatty acid and sterol composition of eight brown algae from the Senegalese coast
Abstract 1. 1. The fatty acid and sterol composition of eight Phaeophyceae from the Senegalese coast were investigated by capillary gas chromatography. 2. 2. About forty fatty acids were identifiedExpand
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Risk factors for negative sputum acid-fast bacilli smears in pulmonary tuberculosis: results from Dakar, Senegal, a city with low HIV seroprevalence.
SETTING Two teaching hospitals in Dakar, Senegal, a West African country with a low prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. OBJECTIVE To determine whether patients withExpand
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Tumor Necrosis Factor-α Increases Airway Smooth Muscle Oxidants Production through a NADPH Oxidase-like System to Enhance Myosin Light Chain Phosphorylation and Contractility*
Tumor necrosis factor plays a critical role in airway smooth muscle hyperresponsiveness observed in asthma. However, the mechanisms underlying this phenomenon are poorly understood. We investigatedExpand
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Sickle Cell Trait Worsens Oxidative Stress, Abnormal Blood Rheology, and Vascular Dysfunction in Type 2 Diabetes
OBJECTIVE It is predicted that Africa will have the greatest increase in the number of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) within the next decade. T2DM patients are at risk forExpand
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Fatty acid composition of twelve species of chlorophyceae from the senegalese coast
Abstract Twelve macroscopic algal species belonging to three orders of Chlorophyceae from the Senegalese coast were investigated for their fatty acid content by capillary GC. Our results, as well asExpand
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Chemical characterization of essential oil from the leaves of Callistemon viminalis (D.R.) and Melaleuca leucadendron (Linn.)
Abstract Objective To isolate and identify the compounds in the essential oils from the leaves of Callistemon viminalis (D.R.) and Melaleuca leucadendron (Linn.) collected in Dakar, Senegal. MethodsExpand
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