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Ajo Peak to Tinajas Altas: A flora of southwestern Arizona. Part 11. Eudicots: Brassicaceae and Burseraceae
A floristic account is provided for the mustard and fran kincense families as part of the vascular plant flora of the contiguous protected areas of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Cabeza Prieta
Phylogenomics in Cactaceae: A case study using the chollas sensu lato (Cylindropuntieae, Opuntioideae) reveals a common pattern out of the Chihuahuan and Sonoran deserts.
This study provides the first comprehensive plastome phylogeny for any clade within Cactaceae, and resolved the phylogeny of the chollas, including most interspecific and intraspecific relationships.
Hohokam Lost Crop Found: A New Agave (Agavaceae) Species Only Known from Large-scale pre-Columbian Agricultural Fields in Southern Arizona
Agave sanpedroensis is described, provided a key to distinguish it from other agaves in south-central Arizona and proposed that it is a clonal, relictual crop grown from ca.
Improvement in hydroxy fatty acid seed oil content and other traits from interspecific hybrids of three Lesquerella species: Lesquerella fendleri, L. pallida, and L. lindheimeri
Interspecific hybridization offers potential to improve the hydroxy fatty acid (HFA) content of lesquerella fenderi through interspecific hybridization and to characterize hybrids and successive generations for seed oil fatty acid profile, fertility, seed set and other morphological traits.
The Essential Oils of Mosiera ehrenbergii (O. Berg) Landrum (Myrtaceae) Originally from Mexico and M. longipes (O. Berg) Small from Florida
Essential oils of fragrant Mosiera ehrenbergii and M. longipes were examined by GC/MS/FID and dominant components of limonene and α-pinene were identified.
Chromosome numbers of miscellaneous angiosperm taxa
Chromosome counts are reported for 68 individuals in 64 taxa (including one interspecific hybrid) in 36 genera of 15 families. Of these, 11 taxa are counted for the first time.
Evaluation of new Lesquerella and Physaria (Brassicaceae) oilseed germplasm.
These collections of wild germplasm provide a diverse gene pool that should enhance the breeding program in developing a domestic source of HFAs.
Wild Genetic Resources of Minor Oil and Rubber Crops
Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis (Link) C. K. Schneid), lesquerella (Physaria fendleri (A. Gray) O’Kane & Al-Shehbaz), and guayule (Parthenium argentatum A. Gray) originate from semiarid climate zones of
Comparison of remote sensing indices for monitoring of desert cienegas
ABSTRACT This research considers the applicability of different vegetation indices at 30 m resolution for mapping and monitoring desert wetland (cienega) health and spatial extent through time at
Morphological and Molecular Evidence of Polyphyly in Rhodomyrtus (Myrtaceae: Myrteae)
Results from morphological and molecular analyses reject the hypothesis that Rhodomyrtus is monophyletic, and additional data are needed before Rhodomarytus can be split confidently into demonstrably monophyletsic genera.