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Knowledge of results and motor learning: a review and critical reappraisal.
A number of new relations emerge between KR and both learning and performance, and it is emphasized that it also acts as guidance, enhancing performance when it is present but degrading learning if it is given too frequently. Expand
Defining a fall and reasons for falling: comparisons among the views of seniors, health care providers, and the research literature.
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was (a) to obtain information about the perceptions held by seniors and health care providers concerning what constitutes a fall and potential reasons for falling,Expand
Predictions of health risks associated with the operation of load-haul-dump mining vehicles: Part 1—Analysis of whole-body vibration exposure using ISO 2631-1 and ISO-2631-5 standards
Predicted health risks, associated with the operation of load-haul-dump (LHD) vehicles, based on ISO 2631-1 criteria are limited and have not yet been determined according to ISO 2631-5 criteria.Expand
Predictors of whole-body vibration exposure experienced by highway transport truck operators
Results indicated operators were not on average at increased risk of adverse health effects from daily exposures when compared to the ISO WBV guidelines, and future research should explore the effects of seasonal driving, larger vehicle age differences, greater variety of seating and suspension systems and team driving situations. Expand
An exploratory study of whole-body vibration exposure and dose while operating heavy equipment in the construction industry.
When whole-body vibration levels were compared to the International Standards Organization's 2631-1 standards, wheel loaders, off-road dump trucks, scrapers, skid steer vehicles, backhoes, bulldozers, crawler Loaders, and concrete trowel vehicles exceeded the recommendations based on measured vibration dose values. Expand
Stakeholders' perceptions of programme sustainability: findings from a community-based fall prevention programme.
Perceptions of programme sustainability held by key stakeholders involved in a community-based fall prevention programme in three Ontario demonstration communities in Canada are shared to aid in the sustainability of other health promotion and injury prevention programmes in the future. Expand
Prostate cancer and occupational whole-body vibration exposure.
The results, together with those of an earlier study, suggest that workers in heavy equipment and transport equipment operation may have increased risk of prostate cancer. Expand
Afraid to care; unable to care: A critical ethnography within a long-term care home
This research demonstrates how policy-driven structural mechanisms can produce conditions that result in frontline staff being afraid and unable to care, and thus contributes to a better understanding of the lived experience of frontline long-term care staff who find that their caregiving responsibilities are displaced by caregiving accountabilities. Expand
Utilization of the Seniors Falls Investigation Methodology to identify system-wide causes of falls in community-dwelling seniors.
This study provided compelling evidence that causes of falling are systemic and develop over time, and demonstrated that the systems approach is needed to expand the focus from the individual to multilayered organizational and supervisory causes. Expand