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Plasma jet properties in a new spraying process at low pressure for large area thin film deposition
Note: in Thermal Spray 2001, New Surface for a New Millenium (Ed.) C.C. Berndt, K.A. Khor and E.F. Lugscheider, Published by ASM International, Material Park, Ohio, USA, 2001 ReferenceExpand
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Effect of specific operating conditions on the properties of LPPS plasma jets expanding at low pressure
Note: Proc. Int. Thermal Spray Conference 2002, Essen Germany, 4-6 March 2002, published in ITSC 2002 proceedings, Ed. E. Lugscheider, Pub. DVS, Dusseldorf, Germany 2002, p. 459 ReferenceExpand
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Osteointegration of titanium and hydroxyapatite rough surfaces in healthy and compromised cortical and trabecular bone: in vivo comparative study on young, aged, and estrogen‐deficient sheep
The osteointegration rate of titanium (Ti; TI01) and duplex Ti plus HA (HT01) coating systems with high surface roughness was investigated in healthy, aged, and oestrogen‐deficient sheep. AfterExpand
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Physical characterization of different-roughness titanium surfaces, with and without hydroxyapatite coating, and their effect on human osteoblast-like cells.
The aim of this study was to characterize and compare various titanium (Ti) and hydroxyapatite (HA) coatings on Ti6Al4V, in view of their application on noncemented orthopedic implants. TwoExpand
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Comparative in vitro study on a ultra-high roughness and dense titanium coating.
A new implant surface has been developed with the purpose of avoiding as much stress shielding as possible, and thus prolong the prosthesis lifespan. The aim of this study was to investigate the inExpand
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Comparative in vivo evaluation of porous and dense duplex titanium and hydroxyapatite coating with high roughnesses in different implantation environments.
Ti (PG60) and Ti plus HA (HPG60) dense coatings with ultrahigh roughness (Ra: 74 +/- 8 microm and 53 +/- 18 microm, respectively) were compared to high Ti (Ti60) and Ti plus HA (HT60) high roughenedExpand
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Characterisation and origin of arc fluctuations in a F4 DC plasma torch used for thermal spraying
The fluctuating behaviour of a Sulzer Metco F4 DC plasma gun has been investigated. The time dependencies of the arc voltage and current and of the optical emission of the plasma jet have beenExpand
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High Damping Capacity Coatings for Surface Vibration Control
The damping capacity Q -1 of a number of Fe-16%Cr alloys containing (0 - 6)%Al and (0 - 4)%Mo has been investigated and compared to that of thermally sprayed coatings. The magnetomechanicalExpand
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Rough surfaces of titanium and titanium alloys for implants and prostheses
Titanium and titanium alloys for dental implants and hip prostheses were surface-treated and/or covered by metallic or ceramic rough layers after being submitted to sand blasting. The goal of theseExpand
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Time-resolved imaging of anodic arc root behavior during fluctuations of a DC plasma spraying torch
The fluctuating behavior of a Sulzer Metco F4 DC plasma gun has been investigated by simultaneous measurement of the time dependencies of the are voltage and of images from the nozzle interior. AnExpand
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