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EosFP, a fluorescent marker protein with UV-inducible green-to-red fluorescence conversion.
A gene encoding a fluorescent protein from the stony coral Lobophyllia hemprichii has been cloned in Escherichia coli and characterized by biochemical and biophysical methods. The protein, which weExpand
Fluorescent pigments in corals are photoprotective
All reef-forming corals depend on the photosynthesis performed by their algal symbiont, and such corals are therefore restricted to the photic zone. The intensity of light in this zone declines overExpand
Diversity and Evolution of Coral Fluorescent Proteins
GFP-like fluorescent proteins (FPs) are the key color determinants in reef-building corals (class Anthozoa, order Scleractinia) and are of considerable interest as potential genetically encodedExpand
Blue light regulation of host pigment in reef-building corals
Reef-building corals harbor an astounding diversity of colorful GFP (green fluorescent protein)-like proteins. These pigments can easily be detected and thus may serve as intrinsic optical markers ofExpand
Fluorescence census techniques for the early detection of coral recruits
Many coral recruits are very small and often cryptic at settlement making them difficult to detect with normal census techniques. Here we show that fluorescence census techniques can increase theExpand
Phloem as Capacitor: Radial Transfer of Water into Xylem of Tree Stems Occurs via Symplastic Transport in Ray Parenchyma[OPEN]
Visual evidence for the radial transfer of water from phloem into xylem supports theoretical predictions that phloem acts as a water storage capacitor in tree stems. The transfer of water from phloemExpand
Selective Advantage of Resistant Strains at Trace Levels of Antibiotics: a Simple and Ultrasensitive Color Test for Detection of Antibiotics and Genotoxic Agents
ABSTRACT Many studies have examined the evolution of bacterial mutants that are resistant to specific antibiotics, and many of these focus on concentrations at and above the MIC. Here we ask for theExpand
Contributions of host and symbiont pigments to the coloration of reef corals
For a variety of coral species, we have studied the molecular origin of their coloration to assess the contributions of host and symbiont pigments. For the corals Catalaphyllia jardinei and anExpand
Screening by coral green fluorescent protein (GFP)-like chromoproteins supports a role in photoprotection of zooxanthellae
Green fluorescent protein (GFP)-like pigments are responsible for the vivid colouration of many reef-building corals and have been proposed to act as photoprotectants. Their role remainsExpand
Analysis of fluorescent and non-fluorescent sea anemones from the Mediterranean Sea during a bleaching event
We examined the physiological responses to bleaching of two shallow water anemones, Anemonia sulcata var. smaragdina and A. rustica, common to the Mediterranean Sea. The tentacle coloration of A.Expand