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A note on roots and powers of partial isometries
Let T be a bounded operator and let $$k \ge 2$$k≥2 be an integer. We study in this paper the following question: T is a partial isometry implies that $$T^k$$Tk is a partial isometry and conversely.
On a ρₙ-dilation of operator in Hilbert spaces
In this paper we define the class of ρn−dilations for operators on Hilbert spaces. We give various properties of this new class extending several known results ρ−contractions. Some applications areExpand
Decomposition of partial isometries with finite ascent
We focus in this paper on the study of the decomposition of partial isometries with finite ascent satisfying suitable conditions on the kernel sequence. We show that a propagation phenomena occursExpand
Application of Homotopy Perturbation Method to a Viscous Incompressible Flow Problem through an Orifice
This paper concern with the two dimen- sional, steady flow problem of viscous incompressible fluid through an orifice. A problem of such type has been solved by applying Laplacian-Driver Method orExpand