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Addressed FBG-structures for tire strain measurement
The work presents a concept of microwave-photonic sensor system (MWPSS) for real-time measurement of vehicle tire strain. Expand
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Methods of spectrally pure two-frequency radiation forming for terahertz carriers generation in optical range
One of the promising methods for generating continuous terahertz radiation is the method of photomixing, when the photoconductive material is excited by the emission of two optical continuous lasersExpand
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Software defined down-hole telemetric systems: training course
The paper is devoted for presentation of training course for applications and construction principles of poly-harmonic (two-frequency or four-frequency) cw laser systems for characterization ofExpand
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Tire dynamic monitoring setup based on microwave photonic sensors
The article discusses a possibility of using fiber-optic sensors based on addressed fiber Bragg structures (AFBS) to assess tire dynamics in real operating conditions. Expand
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Optical Vector Network Analyzer Based on Unbalanced Amplitude-Phase Modulation
A comparative analysis of the existing and prospective symmetric type optical vector network analyzers (OVNA) characteristics is carried out. The reserves for improving the metrological andExpand
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Smart photonic carbon brush
Aspects of the paper relate to a wear monitoring system for smart photonic carbon brush. There are many applications in which regular inspection is not feasible because of a number of factorsExpand
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Multi-Addressed Fiber Bragg Structures for Microwave-Photonic Sensor Systems
The new theory and technique of Multi-Addressed Fiber Bragg Structure (MAFBS) usage in Microwave Photonics Sensor Systems (MPSS) is presented. Expand
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CD Monitoring Based On Bragg Notch Filter Reflection Spectrum Analysis
New approaches are presented to the process of measuring the chromatic dispersion of a high-speed communication channel based on the classical method for determining the ratio of the radio frequencyExpand
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