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Tunable stability of monodisperse secondary O/W nano-emulsions.
Stable and biodegradable oil in water (O/W) nano-emulsions can have a huge impact on a wide range of bio-applications, from food to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Emulsions, however, are immiscibleExpand
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The melanogenic system of the liver pigmented macrophages of Rana esculenta L.--tyrosinase activity.
The enzyme system responsible for Amphibian Kupffer Cell (KC) melanogenesis has not been entirely elucidated. This research demonstrates that the KC melanosomes of Rana esculenta L. possess aExpand
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Biostability enhancement of oil core - polysaccharide multilayer shell via photoinitiator free thiol-ene 'click' reaction.
Layer-by-layer of polyelectrolytes has emerged as one of the easiest and most controlled techniques to deposit ultrathin polymer layers mainly driven by electrostatic interactions. However, this kindExpand
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A FastA based compilation of higher plant mitochondrial tRNA genes
A new version of the compilation of higher plant mitochondrial tRNA genes (http://www.ebi.ac.uk/service ) has been obtained by means of the FastA program for similarity searching in nucleotide sequence Databases. Expand
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Herbicidal compositions based on nonanoic acid and ketoacids
The present invention relates to a composition comprising a saturated nonanoic acid and/or a saturated nonanoic acid salt, at least one ketoacid and at least one emulsifying agent, to a process forExpand
Test Rig and Method for Comparative Evaluation of Conventional and Bio-Based Hydraulic Fluids and Lubricants for Agricultural Transmissions
The use of lubricants and hydraulic fluids of both mineral and synthetic origin in agricultural processes could have a deep impact on the environment as a result of their possible dispersion in theExpand
Procédé d'obtention de nano-émulsions ultrastables
Cette invention concerne un procede consistant a disperser une premiere quantite d'une substance fluidique dans une seconde quantite d'une seconde substance fluidique qui n'est pas miscible a laExpand
Regulation of the expression of the sea urchin mitochondrial D-loop binding protein during early development.
The Paracentrotus lividus mitochondrial D-loop binding protein (mtDBP) is a DNA-binding protein which is involved in the regulation of sea urchin mtDNA transcription. Immunoblots of HeparinExpand