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Deterministic planning in the fifth international planning competition: PDDL3 and experimental evaluation of the planners
The results indicate significant progress in the field, but they also reveal that some important issues remain open and require further research, such as dealing with strong constraints and computing high quality plans in metric-time domains and domains involving soft goals or constraints. Expand
Planning Through Stochastic Local Search and Temporal Action Graphs in LPG
This paper focuses on temporal planning, introducing TA-graphs and proposing some techniques to guide the search in LPG using this representation, and shows that these techniques can be very effective. Expand
An Approach to Temporal Planning and Scheduling in Domains with Predictable Exogenous Events
This paper proposes an approach to planning in temporal domains with exogenous events that happen at known times, imposing the constraint that certain actions in the plan must be executed during some predefined time windows which integrates constraint-based temporal reasoning into a graph-based planning framework using local search. Expand
An approach to efficient planning with numerical fluents and multi-criteria plan quality
An incremental approach to automated planning with numerical fluents and multi-criteria objective functions for pddl numerical planning problems and defines the numerical action graph (NA-graph) representation for numerical plans and proposes some new local search techniques using this representation. Expand
LPG-TD : a Fully Automated Planner for PDDL 2 . 2 Domains
Like the previous version of LPG, the new version is based on a stochastic local search in the space of particular “action graphs” derived from the planning problem specification. In LPG-TD, thisExpand
An Automatically Configurable Portfolio-based Planner with Macro-actions: PbP
P is a multi-planner which automatically configures a portfolio of planners by computing some sets of macro-actions for every planner in the portfolio, selecting a promising combination of planners in the portfolios and relative useful macro- actions, and defining some running time slots for their round-robin scheduling during planning. Expand
Case-based Planning for Problems with Real-valued Fluents: Kernel Functions for Effective Plan Retrieval
This work proposes some new heuristic techniques for retrieving a plan from a library of existing plans that is promising for a new given planning problem, i.e., that can be efficiently adapted to solve the new problem. Expand
The Benchmark Domains of the Deterministic Part of IPC-5
A set of planning domains and problems that have been used as benchmarks for the fifth International planning competition are presented and several variants using different fragments of PDDL3 with increasing expressiveness are developed. Expand