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European Integration and Supranational Governance
Abstract We argue that European integration is provoked and sustained by the development of causal connections between three factors: transnational exchange, supranational organization, and EuropeanExpand
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Constructing a Supranational Constitution: Dispute Resolution and Governance in the European Community
We present a theory of European legal integration that relies on three causal factors: transnational exchange, triadic dispute resolution, and the production of legal norms. After stating the theoryExpand
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Governing with judges
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The Judicial Construction of Europe
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Judicialization and the Construction of Governance
I present a theory of the emergence and evolution of governance, conceived as the process through which the rules systems in place in any social setting are adapted to the needs of those who liveExpand
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The Institutionalization of Europe
Contributors to this volume - Alec Stone Sweet, Neil Fligstein, And Wayne Sandholtz Neil Fligstein And Alec Stone Sweet Adrienne Heritier Sonia Mazey And Jeremy Richardson Martin Shapiro Rachel A.Expand
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The European Court of Justice, State Noncompliance, and the Politics of Override
In an article previously published by the APSR, Carrubba, Gabel, and Hankla claim that the decision making of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has been constrained—systematically—by the threat ofExpand
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The European Court and the national courts: A statistical analysis of preliminary references, 1961-95
ABSTRACT The article presents comprehensive data on Article 177 (EEC) activity. The data, never before collected and analyzed, are coded by date, member state of origin, referring court, legalExpand
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