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The common, Near‐Eastern origin of Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews supported by Y‐chromosome similarity
About 80 Sephardim, 80 Ashkenazim and 100 Czechoslovaks were examined for the Y‐specific RFLPs revealed by the probes p12f2 and p49a, f on TaqI DNA digests. The aim of the study was to investigateExpand
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Y chromosome DNA polymorphisms in human populations: differences between Caucasoids and Africans detected by 49a and 49f probes
Several Y‐specific TaqI fragments are recognized by 49a and 49f probes in human male DNA digests. The occurrence of polymorphic variations in six of these fragments (A, B, C, D, F and I) has recentlyExpand
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Mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms in Italy I. Population data from Sardinia and Rome
The polymorphisms of human mitochondrial DNA were studied in about 150 Sardinians from Cagliari and 100 other Italians living in Rome, using total blood cell DNA and the following restrictionExpand
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Mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms in Italy; III. Population data from Sicily: a possible quantitation of maternal African ancestry
mtDNA polymorphisms were studied in a sample of 90 individuals of the Sicilian population using six restriction enzymes: HpaI, BamHI, HaeII, MspI, AvaII and HincII.
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Mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms in Italy II. Molecular analysis of new and rare morphs from Sardinia and Rome
A molecular analysis of morphs found in a previous survey of mtDNA restriction enzyme polymorphisms in Italy revealed that different site changes can give similar patterns and that the same mutationExpand
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Mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms among Hindus: A comparison with the Tharus of Nepal
The polymorphisms of mitochondrial DNA for the restriction enzymes Hpal, Bamill, Haell, Mspl, Avail and Hindi were studied in a sample of 79 Hindus, 45 from New Delhi (India) and 34 from TeraiExpand
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