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Enhanced NR2A subunit expression and decreased NMDA receptor decay time at the onset of ocular dominance plasticity in the ferret.
Enhanced NR2A subunit expression and decreased NMDA receptor decay time at the onset of ocular dominance plasticity in the ferret. The NMDA subtype of glutamate receptor is known to exhibit markedExpand
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Dendritic growth and remodeling of cat retinal ganglion cells during fetal and postnatal development
We have studied the development of retinal ganglion cell morphology in the cat's visual system from early fetal to postnatal times. In particular, we have examined the contribution of growth andExpand
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Enhanced activation of NMDA receptor responses at the immature retinogeniculate synapse
The maturation of retinogeniculate excitatory transmission and intrathalamic inhibition was studied in slices of the dorsal LGN obtained from ferrets during the first 2 postnatal months. Response toExpand
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Developmental changes in electrophysiological properties of LGNd neurons during reorganization of retinogeniculate connections
Changes in electrophysiological properties of neurons in the ferret dorsal LGN (LGNd) were studied during early postnatal life, a critical developmental period when changes occur in morphology,Expand
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cAMP/Ca2+ Response Element-Binding Protein Function Is Essential for Ocular Dominance Plasticity
The monocular deprivation model of amblyopia is characterized by a reduction in cortical responses to stimulation of the deprived eye. Although the effects of monocular deprivation on the primaryExpand
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Retinal activity regulates developmental switches in functional properties and ifenprodil sensitivity of NMDA receptors in the lateral geniculate nucleus.
Previous studies have shown that marked changes occur in the kinetic properties of N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors during development of the visual pathways. In the lateral geniculate nucleusExpand
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The role of spontaneous retinal activity before eye opening in the maturation of form and function in the retinogeniculate pathway of the ferret.
During early mammalian development, inputs from the two retinas intermix within the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN), then segregate during the first postnatal week into layers that receive inputExpand
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Suppression of NMDA receptor function using antisense DNA block ocular dominance plasticity while preserving visual responses.
Pioneering work has shown that pharmacological blockade of the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor channel reduces ocular dominance plasticity. However, the results also show that doses of NMDAExpand
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Blockade of intracortical inhibition in kitten striate cortex: Effects on receptive field properties and associated loss of ocular dominance plasticity
SummaryWe have investigated the importance of GABAergic inhibition for the receptive field properties and plasticity of cells in the visual cortex of kittens. Osmotic minipumps were used toExpand
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Receptive field properties of cells in area 19 of the cat
SummaryWe have recorded extracellularly from single cells in area 19 of the cat for the purpose of providing a quantitative description of response characteristics. A prominent feature of this areaExpand
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