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Gamification design of traffic data collection through social reporting
Congestion is a common problem faced by large cities. The ineffective implementation of control functions by road operator may contribute to produce this problem. To overcome it, road operators mustExpand
Design and implementation of the assesment of publik officers web base with gamification method
Utilization of technology information for the information fulfillment is still being developed today. The former data were written in paper are changing digitally to develop the ease in accessingExpand
Design and implementation of Indonesia united portal using crowdsourcing approach for supporting conservation and monitoring of endangered species
This article discusses the design and implementation of web portals Indonesia United as the exchange of information on the conservation of flora and fauna Indonesia by implementing the concept ofExpand
HASH MD5 function implementation at 8-bit microcontroller
Algorithms MD5 implement on 8-bit microcontroller-board, based on Arduino Uno kit. Expand
Implementation of lane detection algorithm for self-driving car on toll road cipularang using Python language
Self-Driving Car research problem requires several sub-topics that need to be discussed more deeply. Such as Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Fusion Sensor, Localization, Control, until Path Planning.Expand
Design and implementation of kinematics model and trajectory planning for NAO humanoid robot in a tic-tac-toe board game
The ability of NAO robot to play tic-tac-toe board game using its hands is greatly determined by the kinematics model ofNAO's arms and the use of trajectory planning for manipulation tasks. Expand
A computer cursor controlled by eye movements and voluntary eye winks using a single channel EOG
This paper proposes a computer mouse-like device that is controlled by eye movements and voluntary eye winks using a single channel of EOG. Expand
A study on the stress identification using observed heart beat data
Scientist since early 19th has discussed a lot about stress theories such as “Theory of Emotion”, “General Adaptation Syndrome Model” and theory of Cognitive Appraisal”. Expand
Knowledge-based graph compression using graph property on Yago
We propose a compression method to eliminate unimportant nodes and edges becomes a property of the important nodes. Expand
Integration of Indonesian Speech and Hand Gesture Recognition for Controlling Humanoid Robot
This paper proposes the integration method of Indonesian speech and hand gesture recognition for controlling humanoid robot using Kinect 2.0. Expand