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[Focal nodular hyperplasia of the liver].
[Prostaglandins in chronic liver diseases].
The paper summarizes the results of in-depth study of the prostaglandin system in healthy individuals and in patients with chronic hepatic diseases, which leads to the conclusion that PGs play an important role in the regulation of liver function and in the pathogenesis of chronic damages. Expand
[Clinical significance of gel electrophoresis of blood lipoproteins in primary biliary cirrhosis].
The authors claim that the beta- to alpha-lipoprotein ratio is diagnostically significant in chronic hepatobiliary diseases. Expand
Chalones of the liver
Injection of liver extract and blood serum of healthy intact mice and also of the blood serum from clinically healthy persons into CBA x C57BL hybrid mice sharply inhibits mitotic activity ofExpand
[The possibility of Helicobacter pylori being present in the resting state in the gastric mucosa of peptic acid patients after treatment].
PCR can be used for prediction of ulcer recurrence as it is sensitive to HP when wide-spread urease test gives negative results, and a simple quantitative spectrophotometric test for Urease activity in biopsies of gastric mucosa is proposed. Expand
[Radioimmunoassay in gastroenterology].
Adhesion of leukocytes in chronic diffuse liver diseases
The aim of this investigation was to study the adhesive properties of hepatocytes using biopsy material from patients with chronic diffuse liver diseases using a method based on determination of the number of separating whole cells and nuclei during a standard dispersion procedure. Expand
Significance of adenylate cyclase system of the liver in its chronic diseases
It is concluded that disorders in the adenylate cyclase system are an important molecular mechanism in the pathogenesis of chronic liver diseases. Expand
[Study of hepatocyte adhesion in chronic diffuse diseases of the liver].
The disconnected coefficients of hepatobioptates for patients suffering from cholestatic syndrome were 3-8 times higher than that for patients in other groups, suggesting that liver adhesion can be affected by chronic hepatic pathologies. Expand